ATA News 52:10

January 30, 2018
End of an Era

End of an Era

Executive secretary Gordon Thomas retires


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With the 2018 Olympic Winter Games around the corner, we reflect on some historic sports-related achievements involving Alberta teachers.


This...from ATA President Greg Jeffery

This.. is a new column from ATA president Greg Jeffery.


The Great Canadian Baking Show - Gordon's retirement

Cultural exchanges foster student engagement

Maxine Hildebrandt knew she was on to something when she spotted one of her students eating fish.

In focus: Teachers’ convention: an annual rite that changes with the times

If this is your first year at teachers’ convention, Dan Grassick can help.

À Beaumont, nous aimons notre musique!

Comme tout enseignant d’immersion, les enseignants de l’École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School et de l’École J. E. Lapointe School essaient de partager avec leurs élèves leurs connaissances de la langue et de la culture françaises.

Gordon Thomas ends tenure as executive secretary

After following in his father’s footsteps with his choice of careers, Gordon Thomas may just do so again when he transitions into retirement.

Stories and photos wanted

The ATA News is always on the lookout for interesting articles, photos and cartoons.

Editorial: Quite simply, one of the finest

During my 10-plus years of working at the Alberta Teachers’ Association, I knew that if I ever wanted to hear a good story, I could just pop into Gordon Thomas’s office.

Q & A: Looking forward to resources, support, unity … and rest

For more than 15 years, you’ve answered a lot of questions in this column and this is your last Q&A. You should get to answer your own question at least once. What would you like to ask and what’s the answer?

Viewpoint: Every teacher leaves a legacy

I recently returned from a family vacation that included my 80-year-old sister-in-law Evelyn.

Your Views

Response to Jan. 16 editorial calling for more resources to improve learning conditions

From the Archives: Teacher professionalism rises from years of struggle

In 1917, there were teachers but no teaching profession.

Survey is live; update your email address

If you’d like to have your voice heard by the people who will negotiate your next collective agreement, your chance is now.

PEC Points: Economic policy committees renamed Teacher Welfare committees

Highlights of the Provincial Executive Council meeting held Jan. 18–19, 2018, at Barnett House in Edmonton

Off-campus co-ordinators struggling with workload, new study

A new study is highlighting the struggles of Alberta’s off-campus co-ordinators, a group of teachers who facilitate work experience programs.