ATA Magazine 98:4 Summer 2018

May 30, 2018
The Promise of the Present Moment

The Promise of the Present Moment

Public education won’t survive in the current policy environment.

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Alberta 2030

Four possible futures for educational change.

Courage Needed to Lead Positive Change

I wonder what the future will bring for our classrooms?

The Precarious Future of Public Education

12 years have passed since Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk ignited a conversation about educational reform.

The Shifting Meaning of ‘The Public’

Around the world a soft revolution is taking place.

Future Gazing

Here are answers from a cross-section of Alberta leaders.

New Hope for Public Education in New Zealand

Aotearoa (the Maori name for New Zealand) is in the enviable position of having a new progressive Labour-led government.

Public Education at a Crossroads

We all know that good, free and equal education for all is under pressure, for many reasons.

The Two Questions at the Heart of Strategic Thinking

From English teacher to strategic planner; how did that happen?

Editor’s Notebook

Looking back and now forward.

The Secretary Reports

The Future Of Education and The Utopian Trap.


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From the President

Teachers Need to Make a Difference.

From the Bookshelves

Hhighlighting some of the recent library additions that are focused on technology trends.

Teacher Wares

Check out the latest publications from the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

Research Roundup

The Incompetency of Hope.