ATA Magazine 98:3 Spring 2018

March 2, 2018
Editor’s Notebook

Editor’s Notebook

The word “wellness” first makes an appearance in the English language in the 17th century.

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The Changing Landscape Of Being Well In Canadian Schools

Wellness in Canadian schools is a focal point of conversation for educators working on kindergarten to Grade 12 (K–12) education programming and policy.

Well-Being Through Connectedness

The well-being of children and youth is becoming increasingly important in the school landscape of Alberta.

Battling Myths And Breaking Down Barriers

Phony health claims and deeply-rooted beliefs difficult to debunk.

More Than Just A Slogan

Healthy Minds, Bright Futures program aims to address students’ needs.

Standing Apart

A unique approach to health benefits.

The Body Contested

Physical education changes with the times.


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From The Bookshelves

Highlighting recent additions to the Association’s library that focus on teacher and student mental health.

Research Roundup

A global challenge for the teaching profession.

The Secretary Reports

As illustrated throughout this edition of the ATA Magazine, wellness is much more than the absence of illness.

From The President

What is the primary element in teacher wellness?