ATA Magazine 98:2 Winter 2017

December 4, 2017
True Leaders Have Their Own Style

True Leaders Have Their Own Style

Leadership in the teaching profession—in theory, such a simple concept; in practice, complex and multi-layered.

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Taking charge when others are paralyzed

The late Bernie Keeler was executive secretary of the Alberta Teachers’ Association for half of my career with the organization.

A Series of Adventures

It was fall 1995. I had just been hired by the Alberta Teachers’ Association as a staff officer in Teacher Welfare.

Lessons and Observations

The Internet, as well as educational and business administration textbooks and classes, are replete with discussions of leadership.

What I Learned In School

Fortune has provided me the opportunity to observe and learn from many effective leaders, first hand.

Break Free from Traditional Roles

Perhaps it was “beginning teacher” enthusiasm that caused me to volunteer to supervise two school clubs and be the ATA school rep.

On Experience, Influences and Values

Over the course of my career at the Alberta Teachers’ Association I’ve been pretty focused on advancing the interests of our members and our profession


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Editor’s Notebook

Last spring, my friend and colleague Brian Andrais asked me to prepare and deliver a seminar on leadership at Summer Conference.

From the Bookshelves

In keeping with this issue’s leadership theme, we are highlighting some of the leadership resources we have recently added to our collection.

Research Roundup

The Alberta Teachers’ Association and the Canadian Association of Principals embarked on a two-phase research initiative in 2015.

Teacher Wares

Through its Professional Development program area, the Alberta Teachers’ Association has a number of leadership-related workshops.

The Secretary Reports

I didn’t prepare to be an Alberta Teachers’ Association staff officer. You can’t really go to school to do that.

From the President

When it comes to leadership, I have always allowed each specific situation and solution to mould my leadership style in that moment.