ATA Magazine 97:4 - Summer 2017

May 30, 2017
Assessment in the Era of Big Data

Assessment in the Era of Big Data

Teachers are constantly assessing, and constantly assessing the approach to assessment. This issue looks at the impact data has in the classrooms and the effect assessment has on student success.

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From the Bookshelves 

Highlights of many titles that support assessment in classrooms as well as new acquisitions in the ATA Library.

Navigating the Flow of Datafication

Data in various forms—from attendance and behaviour records to grades and standardized test results—now shape the work of policymakers, administrators and teachers in the classroom.

Walking the Talk of Student Success

Alberta school jurisdiction mission statements reveal one dominate goal—student learning and success.

New book promotes informed conversations about international testing

What is PISA? What are its benefits and its limitations? What—if anything—does it tell us about our schools and our children?

Editor's Notebook

Assessment is a natural part of what teachers do, and teachers are best positioned and qualified to do it. 

Assessment  Capability

Many challenges emerge when standards-based approaches are implemented to curriculum and "high stakes" assessment.

Recounting Student Success

The promise of progressive educational reform is real and is being demonstrated on a number of fronts, but efforts will be hindered by use of outmoded models.

Small Data for Big Change

In a world increasingly governed by binary digits and cold statistics, information's needed to help understand aspects of teaching and learning that are invisible or not easily measurable. 

Low Value... High Impact

The effect of digital reporting and assessment tools on Alberta Classrooms.

Assessment: The bridge between teaching and learning 

Assessment is a central process in education. If students learned what they were taught, we would never need to assess.

The Secretary Reports

Alberta's building a new K–12 curriculum and we should talk about shifting our current accountability model to a model of public assurance.

From the President

Assessment means different things to different people, what do you think it means? 


List of upcoming events

Research Roundup

Globally, a focus on data gathering, powered by new technologies, is distracting school-based assessment practices. 

Teacher Wares

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