Where Are The Old Schools?

October 1, 2010

Readers of The ATA Magazine are asked to help with the establishment of a visual archive of the province’s early country schools. Many of these historic buildings are abandoned and deteriorating. Before time, neglect and the elements claim them completely, it is hoped that a photographic record can be compiled.

You can help

Let us know the whereabouts of these buildings. All that is required is a simple description using highway numbers referenced to a nearby village or range road and township coordinates.

Tell us what you know about the buildings (school names, current uses, original locations, if they have been moved, and their history).

If possible, provide a photograph. Photos can be print film or electronic.

Send information to Raymond Gariepy, Associate Editor, The ATA Magazine, by post, telephone or e-mail (raymond.gariepy@ata.ab.ca).

Buchan School District No. 2330

The school opened in 1912 and operated until 1935. It closed permanently in 1955.
—Photo courtesy of Florence Storch and Marlene Gordon, Hanna

Bellshill School District No. 1904

The school, located 19 kilometres south of Lougheed, opened in 1909 and closed in 1942. It is now used as a community centre.
—Photo courtesy of Donna Smith and Doug Wold, Camrose

Flagstaff School District No. 3505

The school opened in 1919 and closed in 1947. It was originally located eight kilometres east and eight kilometres north of Alliance. In 1957, the building was moved to Alliance for use as a shop. In 1972, it was moved six kilometres north of Alliance for use as a machine shop.
—Photo courtesy of Donna Smith and Doug Wold, Camrose

Allandale School District No. 1652

The school opened on June 1, 1908, and closed in 1954, after which it served as a community centre for several years.
—Photo courtesy of Della Walsh, Edmonton

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