2017 Central North By-Election

ATA locals and the views of their members are represented by district representatives (DRs), who form part of Provincial Executive Council.

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About Central NorthTop of page

The Alberta Teachers’ Association operates with the province divided into 11 geographic districts. Central North is one of those districts and is represented on the Association’s Provincial Executive Council by a single district representative. Within its boundaries are more than 2,400 teachers employed by six school jurisdictions who belong to six correlating ATA locals:

School Jurisdiction ATA Local 
 Evergreen Catholic Schools  Evergreen Catholic Local 44
 Grande Yellowhead Public School Division  Evergreen Local 11
 Living Waters Catholic Schools  Woodland Rivers Local 40
 Northern Gateway Public Schools   Northern Gateway Local 43
 Parkland School Division  Parkland Teachers’ Local 10
 Pembina Hills Regional Division  Pembina Hills Local 22



About Provincial Executive CouncilTop of page

Provincial Executive Council (PEC) is the group of 20 teachers responsible for guiding the business of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. It includes five table officers (ATA president, two vice presidents, past president and executive secretary) and 15 district representatives. Its table officers and district representatives are elected to office by ATA members and serve two-year terms. By-elections for positions are held when vacancies occur before a Council term ends.

Members of PEC

  • are teachers; 
  • meet as a council at least nine times each year, including at the Annual Representative Assembly, which is attended by more than 400 teacher delegates who debate and set Association policy;
  • make decisions affecting the budgets, policies and strategic direction of the ATA;
  • serve on internal (ATA) and external committees and subgroups, and;
  • engage in professional development as part of their duties.