Appendix E: Preparing for a Substitute Teacher in Your School—Information for Administrators

The Alberta Teachers’ Association’s Substitute Teachers Committee developed the following outline for Substitute Teacher Handbooks to assist school administrators in creating handbooks for their schools. The committee encourages administrators to use this outline to assist in ensuring that substitute teachers assigned to their schools receive the critical information they need to successfully complete their assignments. It is recognized that additional information may be required.

The committee encourages schools to keep copies of the handbook available in the school office for distribution to all substitute teachers assigned to the school.

Outline of required information to be completed by administrators

1. Bell Schedule

2. Contact Information



Contact Number


Office Staff

Head Custodian


3. Dialing Outside Telephone Numbers

a) Provide code
b) Provide other necessary information, if any

4. Map(s) of School

5. Substitute Teacher Logins and Passwords for School Technology (if applicable to school)

6. Attendance Logins (if applicable to school)

7. Printers/Photocopiers (if applicable to the entire school)

a) Provide locations
b) Provide applicable codes

8. Emergency—Lockdown

a) Provide codes
b) Provide procedures
c) Muster point(s)

9. Medical Alerts—Schoolwide

a) Provide location of information

10. School Discipline Policy and Procedures

a) Provide key points of policy and procedures
b) Dress code

11. Supervision

a) Provide schedule (optional)
b) Provide key points of policy and procedures

12. Key Procedures

a) Pick up and drop off (if applicable)
b) Washroom key

13. Instructions for End of Day


When you prepare notes for someone else, clarity and precision are important.