The Calgary City Teachers’ Convention Captures Lightning in a Bottle with Storm Chaser and Keynote Speaker, Greg Kourounis

Release Date 2019 02 14
Media Advisory

This Thursday and Friday over 11,000 teachers will converge on the TELUS Convention Centre for the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention ( It’s the largest convention planned for our province, providing workshops, seminars and speakers dedicated to the growth of Alberta’s teaching profession. This year’s convention has sessions on everything from finding success in failure to exploring wild weather with world explorer Greg Kourounis.

George Kourounis—Storm Chaser

George Kourounis is an award-winning explorer, television presenter, one of the world’s most active storm chasers and freshly minted explorer-in-residence with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. His adventures have been seen around the world on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC-TV, CNN, the Science Channel and, of course, his own adventure TV program, Angry Planet. By sharing these adventures with the world, his goal is to inspire people to embrace their own curiosity, break out of their routines and do something that they consider a little bit scary.
Thursday, February 14 – 9 am, Macleod Hall

Alex Russell—Clinical Psychologist

The heart of Alex Russell’s message is that children learn through the experience of noncatastrophic, painful failure, and it is through the process of this failure that they mature into resilient, resourceful and emotionally balanced individuals. Parents need to see failing—whether a test, a course or a tryout for a team—as a normal part of growing up and not a sign of parental incompetence.
Thursday, February 14 – 1:15 pm, MacLeod Hall

Greg WellsScientist, Broadcaster, Author, Coach and Athlete

As a senior scientist in transitional medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children, Greg Wells and his team explore how to use exercise to prevent, diagnose and treat chronic illness in children. Wells explains how you can leverage the power of exponential health technologies and techniques to live a healthy life of 120 years or more.
Friday, February 15 – 11:15 am, MacLeod Hall

Additional Keynote Speakers

Jody Carrington—Clinical Psychologist and Author, Game Changer

Jody Carrington has spent most of her career working with children and families who have experienced trauma. Her favorite thing on the planet to do is to speak with educators because they have the power to change the trajectory of a life every single day.
Thursday, February 14 – 11:15 am, MacLeod Hall

Bill Ptacek – Calgary Public Library

Bill has been instrumental in building an awe-inspiring new central library. He sees libraries as vibrant community hubs, much more than just places for books.
Friday, February 15 – 9 am, MacLeod Hall

The Debaters (Comedy Troupe)

Hosted by award-winning comedian and CBC host, Steve Patterson, talented comedians, Ivan Decker and Allyson Smith, perform stand-up and a comedic debate specially created for the Calgary City Teachers' Convention.
Friday, February 15 – 1:15, MacLeod Hall

Don’t forget to catch this year’s delegates breaking out their best moves for the CCTC 2019 Dance-off: Noon on Friday, February 15th!

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Calgary City Teachers’ Convention
TELUS Convention Centre (some sessions offsite)
Thursday, February 14          8 am – 3:30 pm
Friday, February 15               8 am – 4 pm

Background information

All teachers’ conventions in our province are organized by teachers who voluntarily serve on convention association boards. Their mandate is to improve and elevate teaching by exploring new innovations in education, participating in professional development activities and discussing the issues facing today’s educators.

At least one convention is held in our province every Thursday and Friday in February and early March. The largest is the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention (, which hosts well over 11,000 delegates. The smallest is the Central East Teachers’ Convention ( with 1,400 participants. These events are fully funded by teachers through their ATA dues.


Media is requested to contact Dan Grassick before arriving on site.

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