Budget 2020 Continues to Underfund Education

Release Date 2020 02 27

By next fall, up to 30,000 students will have entered Alberta schools with no additional funds to support them, says ATA president Jason Schilling, in response to the provincial budget released today.

“Ultimately, more students with the same funding means larger class sizes and less supports for learning. Increasingly, teachers are struggling to meet student needs with inadequate support for their work. Teachers cannot fill the gaps any longer.”

 Jason Schilling, ATA president

Schilling acknowledged that Education Minister Adriana LaGrange is suggesting school boards will receive an increase in funding for next school year, but he says she has never admitted, despite irrefutable evidence, that they received a $136 million cut for this school year. 

“This budget further reduces government funding to school boards and downloads more costs onto parents. With the last budget, we had to FOIP to truly understand the totality of the cuts. I’m worried that the most troublesome details of this budget are again being obscured.” 

 Jason Schilling, ATA president

He said that with a new funding model, the Association would need time to unpack the budget. The Association will provide additional statements after the budget has been analysed further. 

“In education, Alberta gets world-leading outcomes at one of the lowest per-pupil costs in Canada. Our excellent system deserves to be better supported.”

 Jason Schilling, ATA president

The Alberta Teachers’ Association, as the professional organization of teachers, promotes and advances public education, safeguards standards of professional practice and serves as the advocate for its 46,000 members.