ATA president frustrated with release of Curriculum Advisory Panel Report

Release Date 2020 01 29

Without any notification to the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), Education Minister Adriana LaGrange publicly released the Curriculum Advisory Panel’s recommendations for the K–12 curriculum today. ATA president Jason Schilling expressed his continuing frustration with the ministry’s lack of communication on matters of great importance to Alberta’s teachers and public education in this province.

“They provided us with absolutely no advance notification that the report was being released today. If outside sources hadn’t tipped us off, we would have been left in the dark by this ministry about a very important initiative affecting public education. This is yet another example of the lack of respect this government has for the teachers who play such an important role in the implementation of curriculum.”

Jason Schilling, ATA president

The ATA is reserving comment on the advisory panel’s report until an in-depth analysis of the document can be done.

“We can’t comment on what we haven’t seen. We will need some time to examine the recommendations and their impact on the current K–4 draft curriculum and future curriculums of remaining grade levels.”

Jason Schilling, ATA president

Once a complete analysis is done, the ATA will contact the media with a further response.

This process seems to be another example of this government’s pattern of striking panels to deliver predetermined advice without meaningful consultation with the stakeholders most affected.”

Jason Schilling, ATA president

The Curriculum Advisory Panel was struck by Alberta Education in August 2019 to provide advice on the direction of curriculum. The dissolution of partnership with the ATA on curriculum development immediately followed.

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