ATA President Welcomes Funding for Enrolment Growth

Release date 2019 06 11

June 11, 2019

Greg Jeffery, ATA president, is applauding the announcement made yesterday by Finance Minister Travis Toews declaring the government’s intention to fully fund enrolment growth in K–12 education in Alberta.

“Alberta’s student population continues to experience rapid rates of growth which place significant financial pressures on the education system. By funding enrolment growth, the Government of Alberta is ensuring that the quality of Alberta’s public education system is maintained and that new students entering the system receive consistent levels of support for their learning.”

- Greg Jeffery, ATA president

Jeffery is calling on the government to formalize this announcement immediately by communicating the decision to school boards and directing them to staff accordingly.

“Unfortunately, in the absence of specific information, many school boards have hastily moved to constrain or even reduce staffing levels for the fall. Such unjustified pre-emptive actions should immediately be reversed.”

- Greg Jeffery, ATA president

Jeffery says that there is no justification for premature and pre-emptory hiring freezes, staffing cuts or program cancellations, particularly when boards are maintaining operating reserves.

“Teachers and parents are particularly concerned about large class sizes and inadequate supports for special needs. Tackling these problems requires appropriate funding and a commitment to ensure that those funds are prioritized for the classroom.”

- Greg Jeffery, ATA president

The Alberta Teachers’ Association, as the professional organization of teachers, promotes and advances public education, safeguards standards of professional practice and serves as the advocate for its 46,000 members.

For more information or to arrange an interview with President Jeffery, contact Mark Milne at or 780-905-0014.