Statement on Seclusion Rooms

Release date: 2019 03 01

March 1, 2019

Alberta Teachers’ Association statement regarding the Alberta Government ministerial order to ban all inclusion rooms within the province.

“The ATA is committed to safe and productive learning environments for all our students, teachers and staff. These rooms are a symptom of the larger issue, which is a lack of supports for students and teachers in Alberta Classrooms. Too many students with complex needs are not receiving the full support and resources they need to be successful at school. Without appropriate in-class supports the safety of individual students, their classmates and the staff that work with them can become a serious issue.

While specific training in response to individual situations may be helpful, it is not sufficient. Additional material and staff support is urgently needed. In advancing inclusion strategies, the learning needs of all students must be considered as we strive to maintain a supportive learning environment.”