Teacher Pandemic Pulse Survey Results

Fall 2020

Pandemic Pulse Research Background

As part of our pandemic research study into what teachers and school leaders are experiencing throughout the province, the ATA has designed a rapid 5 minute feedback tool for Alberta teachers and school leaders. Administered throughout the Fall 2020, these 5-minute surveys gather a quick ‘pulse’ of the profession regarding successes or challenges of the re-entry plans. These surveys will also be used to gain further insight into the complexities of teaching and learning conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One group of Alberta teachers and school leaders will be followed throughout the fall. A second, randomly-selected group of teachers and school leaders across Alberta, will also be invited to participate each week as a comparison population.


Reporting on Well-Being, Workplace Safety and COVID-19 Information Reliability (October 2–5, 2020)

Reporting on Preventative Health Measures in Alberta K-12 Schools
COVID-19 Prevention, Infection and Control
 (September 10–14, 2020)

First Week of Alberta School Re-Entry - Summary Report (August 28–31, 2020)







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