2019/20 School Board Budget Tracker

Following a spring election, the United Conservative Party deferred the 2019 provincial budget to the fall sitting, leaving many school boards with questions about funding for the upcoming school year. The UCP election platform promised to “maintain or increase education funding while seeking greater efficiency by reducing administrative overhead and pushing resources to front line teachers.”

The party’s platform also promised to:

  • Continue to build new schools
  • Order an immediate audit of class sizes to determine what happened to previous funding dedicated to class size reduction
  • Prioritize public infrastructure funds for schools
  • Protect the status and funding of independent schools in legislation
  • Maintain funding for independent schools and home schoolers at current levels
  • Review the current funding formula to ensure that rural schools have adequate resources to deliver programs in an equitable way

On June 10, 2019, Finance Minister Travis Toews announced the government would be funding enrolment growth for K-12 in Alberta. Until a formal budget is presented in the fall, there are still many unknowns surrounding funding for the upcoming school year.

In the absence of a formal provincial budget, some school boards are reacting prematurely to uncertain funding by restricting or reducing staff numbers. In an ATA News article, Executive Secretary Dennis Theobald recommends maintaining faith in our premier to stand by the promises outlined in his party’s platform. You can read the full article here.

This page is an ongoing collection of information and news articles related to the 2019/20 education budget.

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