#MyClassSizeIs—MLA Letter Writing Campaign


Alberta has a world-renowned public education system.

Our teachers and other school staff work hard and provide outstanding educational opportunities. 

Unfortunately, students and teachers are not provided with the best supports and, as a result, too many children are falling through the cracks.

Optimal learning happens when students and teachers have reasonable class sizes and supports are available to assist students with special learning needs.

Learn more about Alberta’s crowded and complex classrooms.

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MLAs need to hear about the learning conditions in Alberta’s classrooms.

So the Association has organized a coordinated MLA engagement activity that advocates for class size reductions and improved supports for inclusion and classroom complexity.

We’re asking teachers to take a few minutes and write a quick letter to their MLA.

Download the letter template here.

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  • Compose a short note to your MLA telling them about the learning conditions in your classroom.
  • Take a photo of your letter and share it on social media, using the hashtag #MyClassSizeIs and #AbEd (optional).
  • Return the letter to your ATA school representative or other ATA local official.
  • We will send it to your MLA on your behalf.


Tips for letter writing

  • Keep the letter factual and short.
  • Tell your story. What are the barriers that you and your students face?
  • Try to be constructive: advocate for what you need, preferably without aggressive criticism.
  • Be mindful of professional code responsibilities—do not criticize colleagues or your employer.
  • Respect student privacy—keep complexity information general and avoid any information that could identify individual students.
  • You do not need to identify the school or board where you work.
  • Click here to find out who your MLA is: streetkey.elections.ab.ca.

If you have any questions about this campaign, contact us at government@ata.ab.ca or call 1-800-232-7208. If you would like a pad of blank letters sent to you, contact distribution@ata.ab.ca.

Your activity will help ensure that public education remains a priority for our elected officials. Thank you for your support.