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Colleagues, how shall we face our numerous challenges in both public education and our profession? I believe it is through a unified membership, standing together.

As an Association, our strength comes from our membership — Alberta teachers and school leaders. We must support public education, as together we have a strong voice! In unity, teachers marched to the legislature last February to voice their support for what matters. Whether advocating for input on the new curriculum, for the health and safety of our colleagues and students or for funding school growth, the message from Alberta teachers has been loud and clear — government must do what is best for public education in Alberta!

At the provincial table and on Association committees, I voice the concerns of Edmonton and Fort McMurray teachers and school leaders. At all levels, I promise to continue to hold our elected officials to account for their decisions when it comes to supporting public education, both its students and teachers. Hard conversations on difficult issues must continue.

As teachers we must be prepared for whatever the future has in store. It is time to come together with a strong voice, in unity.

I have supported teachers in the tough times in the past — fire, flood and COVID. I will be there beside them for whatever challenges we may face in the future.

I am proud to be an Alberta teacher. I would be honoured to continue to serve the teachers of Edmonton and Fort McMurray on Provincial Executive Council.

Nancy is currently a division coordinator at Westview Public School and Thickwood Public School in Fort McMurray. Her career has included teaching students from grades 1 through 6, and division leadership as vice-principal, principal and division coordinator for early education and teacher capacity.


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I am very excited to again have the opportunity to represent the teachers of Edmonton Catholic, Edmonton Public and Fort McMurray. I hope to continue to make positive changes and work hard for the over 11, 000 teachers within our ATA district.

By continuing to improve the communication and transparency of Provincial Executive Council, I hope that all members will become more aware of the often difficult work that happens behind the scenes at the provincial ATA level. Specifically, I would like to go beyond just the PRECIS document in communicating to members after each PEC meeting so everyone can become more familiar with the good work that is being done on behalf of teachers in Alberta.

I would also further improve the relationship that Provincial Executive Council has with local executives and their presidents. Members (especially local executive members) need to feel that their voice is being heard at PEC.

As a member of the Central Table Bargaining Committee, I will continue to bring your voice to negotiations with the Teacher Employer Bargaining Association (TEBA). This is my third round of central bargaining, and I feel my experience will be key in this round of difficult negotiations.

I hope to continue to bring the voices and concerns of members of Edmonton and Fort McMurray to Provincial Executive Council and Central Table Bargaining.

Currently in his 26th year of teaching, Darrin teaches at St. Francis Xavier High School in Edmonton. Darrin has also taught Grade 5, junior high mathematics and high school social studies in both an alternative education and a traditional classroom environment. He is currently completing his sixth year on Provincial Executive Council and his second year as provincial vice-president.

He currently sits on the following ATA Committees: Provincial Table Officers Committee, Central Table Bargaining Committee, Resolutions Committee (chair) and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation Committee.



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Thank you, teachers from Edmonton-McMurray for the opportunity to serve as your district representative this past term. District representatives are elected to present the views of the teachers in the locals of their geographic district. Advocating for teachers and making sure their voice is heard is something that has been extremely important to me. In fact, it’s the very reason why I became actively involved with our Association over 12 years ago. In addition to my current role as your district representative, I have represented teachers as a local president (Greater St. Paul), vice-president of Edmonton Public Local No. 37, chair of finance, a school representative and served on various committees. I have the experience and I’ve been your voice.

Eighteen years ago I made my dream career come true — I became a teacher. For the first 10 years I taught in rural Alberta, and for the last eight years I have been in Edmonton. I have taught in all four divisions. I have considerable experience with students from culturally diverse backgrounds and students with special needs.

  • I believe in fully funded public education.
  • I believe our class sizes should be far smaller than they are right now.
  • I believe there should be proper funding for our students with special needs.
  • I believe all students deserve equitable access to education.
  • I am very concerned about the mental health and overall wellness of our teachers and feel that more supports need to be in place.
  • I believe teachers deserve a voice when it comes to our profession and that we should be heard!

   I am asking you to re-elect me as your district representative. Let me continue to be your voice and be your advocate on Provincial Executive Council. The need for strong teacher–advocates has never been more important than now. Thank you for your support.


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My name is Michelle Prinsonsky and this is my thirteenth year with Edmonton Public Schools. I intend to fulfill my natural leadership qualities and ambition to be an effective servant leader by running for the role of district representative in the 2021 PEC election. As an action-oriented, relational and optimistic individual, I have taught a wide range of subjects and age groups. Currently, I teach Division 2 after transitioning from Grade 1, junior high and elementary music. I am passionate about leadership, developing school culture and morale, and promoting diversity awareness and appreciation.

My career has afforded me many opportunities to collaborate with teachers and catchment colleagues of various backgrounds and expertise, which gives me a broad perspective on teacher views and concerns. My first-hand experience as an immigrant child growing up in inner-city schools, coupled with choral expeditions across Europe, North America and Africa, and volunteer work in Mexico, have contributed to my respect for people and multiculturalism. I feel privileged to have learned about many Indigenous cultures and traditions throughout my travels. These enriching, life-changing and humbling encounters with people everywhere have deeply influenced my world view, understanding and appreciation of diversity. My personal and professional experiences make me a well-rounded candidate.

I hope to continue growing my sphere of influence by becoming your district representative. Let me be the vessel to convey your thoughts and opinions because your voice matters. You deserve a representative who empathizes with you and genuinely cares about your well-being because we are in this together. I will honour and bring forth your views to the Association while maintaining my neutrality. I will advocate for your equity and satisfaction. Vote for me and I will do my best to represent, hear and inform you. It would be an honour to serve you in this capacity.



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