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The needs of our students continue to change, and teachers are continually adapting to their needs. Throughout my 20 years of teaching, I have had the opportunity to explore the diversity of our profession in and out of the classroom. These experiences and my willingness to face challenges will allow me to best voice the concerns of teachers in Edmonton District. 

In my career, I have taught grades 4 – 12, in suburban and rural districts, in English and French immersion schools, and in public and Catholic districts. Currently, I am a Grade 8 homeroom teacher in a K–9 school in St. Albert Catholic. Upon moving to a Catholic school district, I worked to complete my masters in religious education.

My ATA involvement started in my second year of teaching — I attended Summer Conference and became secretary of Wolf Creek Local No. 3. 

Over the last 20 years, at the local level, I have been secretary, Economic Policy Committee chair, Annual Representative Assembly rep, Negotiating Sub Committee chair, Professional Development chair, Local Communications officer, liaison chair, Policy Advisory chair, North Central Teachers’ Convention Association rep and local president since 2013. 

At a regional level, I have been on the executive of the North Central Teachers’ Convention Association since 2017, acting as secretary and president. 

At the provincial level, I have been involved with the ATA Science Council since 2013 in the roles of assistant conference director, conference director and president. 

Currently, I am local president of Greater St. Albert Catholic Teachers’ Local No. 23, president of North Central Teachers’ Convention Association and past president of the ATA Science Council. 

My passion for the teaching profession, my flexibility in meeting new challenges and my tenacity make me an excellent candidate for the role of district representative.

Vote in the PEC election from March 8 – 11, 2021! Votez en grands nombres!


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 I am Paul Froese and I am running again for the position of district representative for Edmonton District. I have been an active member and leader in the Association locally and provincially for more than 30 years, including being your DR.

Your voice shaping the face of education has never been more important than it is now! The strength of your professional association is hard-working classroom teachers supporting and empowering their local executives. These highly skilled, successful executives are working in difficult situations, delivering exemplary service to their members and community every day. These locals must be supported by a respected outspoken DR.

I am that outspoken supporter of your hard work! Fair compensation, protection from violence and aggression in the classroom with conditions of practice necessary to do your job should not be an ongoing fight! I wear a blue ribbon as a proud supporter of Catholic education colleagues when I work on your behalf as well.

I have a documented reputation of being a strong fiscal conservative in the operation of our Association. I was raised and work in the Edmonton District area; your experiences are mine too. I believe that fact combined with my experience makes me a clear choice come election day.

I want to sincerely thank my five locals — Elk Island Public and Separate, St. Albert Public, Greater St. Albert Catholic and my own Sturgeon local — for having allowed me to serve you in this important role.

I have worked and will continue to work diligently for you, so that you can better focus on the other tasks before you. Combined with my other provincial colleagues we are an effective force for public education. I ask for your vote again in this important election to support my work on your behalf. Thank you.


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