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I am a proud Alberta teacher, and I am seeking your vote in this year’s ATA election, where I am running for vice-president. With the support of my wife Yoko and my children Aiden and Fiona, I look forward to the opportunity to represent you.

Before I began teaching, I spent almost a decade as a galvanizer. From there I moved to a career with Edmonton Catholic teaching chemistry and physics, a position that I have held since 2002.

I am a member of Provincial Executive Council as a district representative for Edmonton–McMurray. Prior to this role, I was the president of Edmonton Catholic for six years. I have dedicated much of my career to working with the Association, representing the best interests of teachers.

We’ve been riding a roller-coaster that has led to much stress and disrespect.

  • Increased workloads
  • Larger class sizes
  • Two per cent salary increase over eight years
  • Pension hijacking
  • Covid-19

And we still have to bargain with a hostile government.

In my conversations with teachers, there is a clear feeling of concern and inevitability. I believe it is inevitable that we, as strong, united and purposeful professionals, working together and being willing to sacrifice, will find the courage (not just for ourselves, but for our students as well) to stand up and say “We matter!”

It is the government that should be concerned — concerned about just how strong 40,000 teachers can be.

No one is coming to save us but us!

If elected, I will work tirelessly on your behalf. Improved working conditions, respect and even a well- deserved raise are on the list of priorities that I see as essential to my role, and perhaps a #RedforEdAB collage as well!

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Let’s get ahead together. My name is Donnella Perkins, and I’m running for vice-president of the Alberta Teachers’ Association because I want teachers to get ahead. I want us to get ahead of the pile of workload we are tasked daily. I want us to get ahead of the expectations laid on us by boards. I want teachers to get ahead of the accusations of a government willing to move our pensions without consultation.

I am an active member of the Association who asks hard questions of my local and of Provincial Executive Council at the Annual Representative Assembly. I am on my local Teacher Welfare Committee, Finance and our Annual Representative Assembly committee. I am also on the Calgary City Teachers Convention Association, helping teachers to get ahead by supporting our professional development at convention.

My work for the Association has been interesting and beneficial, but as we teachers face more — more workload, more requests, more demands and more lies from our Alberta government — I had to run for vice-president to advocate for all Alberta teachers.

I am listening to you, my colleagues, and I want your voices to be heard by the Association, the Alberta government and Albertans. We love our work, we love our kids, we love what we do, still we need to get ahead. We need to get ahead of the increased demands; we need to get ahead of the line for vaccines (we are front-line workers); we need to get ahead of class size; and we need to get ahead of the lies the Alberta government is telling Albertans about us.

A vote for me, Donnella Perkins, is a vote for your voice to be heard. It is a vote to fight for you to get ahead.

Let us, teachers and the Alberta Teachers’ Association, get ahead together.


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The past two years have been our most challenging in two decades. Your Provincial Executive Council has been a strong and persistent voice of caution and disapproval when this government’s decision making does not serve society’s, public education’s or teachers’ best interests. Think about school safety protocols during COVID. Curriculum review. Pension challenges. Funding. Class size. Inclusion.

We, as an Association, are not immune from challenging issues. Think about bargaining. The budget. Communication. Political engagement. Transparency. Trust.

We’ve had some successes. Tens of thousands taking up the call to contact the government when asked. Thousands posting on social media. Hundreds participating in rallies and protests. We must build on those successes.

We are a proud, strong, world-renowned teacher organization. We will not be cowed. We must continue to be steadfast architects of our own future as we work to promote, advance, safeguard and advocate for public education.

Through decades of service, I have listened, considered, proposed, challenged, agreed and worked toward consensus with my colleagues as we sought to make the best decisions possible in every circumstance. Advocating for teachers was, and is, central to all that I do.

I will continue to be your strong, passionate voice in our ongoing work to achieve teaching and learning conditions that meet the needs of students and teachers across Alberta.

I’ve lived in Calgary almost 50 years, a community I proudly call home. I’ve taught for more than three decades and currently assess the English language skills of non-Canadian students new to the Calgary Board of Education. I’ve been your provincial vice-president for four years and served both Calgary locals as district representative for three. I actively participated in Local 38 business for more than two decades, including close to two on its executive committee.

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