It's My Pension


I contribute a portion of my earnings each month into the plan now to fund my retirement later.

I pay into my pension to ensure that I have a secure retirement. My pension is part of the compensation I receive for my professional service as a teacher.

  • Teachers and the Government of Alberta pay for the plan together, govern it together and share the responsibility and liabilities of the plan.
  • By taking some of their compensation as pension contributions, teachers have agreed to defer part of their earnings until retirement.
  • Actuarial studies determine how much money needs to go into the plan now to fund retirements later.

Question: Why should taxpayers pay for teachers’ pensions when so many of them don’t have one?
Answer: Pensions are a great way to ensure retirement security—everyone should have one. I pay as much into my pension as government does. Their contributions are my deferred salary and have been fairly negotiated.

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