It's My Investment


My pension plan uses the power of combined teacher and government contributions to grow my investment while I work.

My pension fund is a secure investment that provides strong returns. Since my pension has a defined benefit, I don't have to worry about whether my investment choices will provide enough for me to retire.

  • For every dollar that I contribute to my pension, I will get 8 back in retirement.
  • Our plan has $10 billion in assets to invest. This scale provides our investors with flexibility and security, allowing them to access more exclusive and higher return investment opportunities.
  • The management costs for my pension fund are about one-fifth of the cost of investing on my own. 

Myth: My brother-in-law is an investor, and he will get me a 10% return every year.
Fact: In 2013/14, the Teacher Pension Plan returned 19.22%; the fifteen year rate of return (including two recessions) is 6.24%.

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