Food Science


Biodiversity Library Exhibition: Spices 
Canada's Food Guide 
Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum: Healthy Kids Quest 
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Countryside Classroom 
Crafty Baking 
Discovery: Food Science Resources 
Dieticians of Canada: Nutrition A-Z
FDA: Food 
FDA / NSTA Partnership in Food Science 
Food Banks Canada
Food Chemistry 
Food Quality News 
Food Science for Kids 
Food Science Labs 
Fresh for Kids 
Center for Genomic Gastronomy 
Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day 
Health Canada: Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Health Canada: Healthy Living Just for You -- Educators 
Healthy Canadians: Food & Nutrition
Indigenous Food First 
Institute of Food Technologists: K-12 Outreach 
M├ętis Cookbook 
Partnership in Food Safety Education 
Penn State: Food Safety Lessons for Middle School Students 
Serious Eats 
Statistics Canada: Food in Canada
Stella Culinary 
Student Cook 
Teaching the Food System
Teach Nutrition 
University of Guelph: Dairy Education Series 
World Food Clock 

Recipe Search Engines

Cook Kosher 
Halaal Recipes 

Free Journals

Note: Peer-reviewed journals are marked with a graduation cap

American Journal of Food Science and Technology 
Anthropology of Food 
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety 
Cuizine: The Journal of Canadian Food Cultures 
Food and Nutrition Research 
Food Science & Nutrition 
Foodborne Pathogens and Disease  
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 
Journal of Food Science 
Journal of Food Science Education 
The Journal of Functional Foods in Health and Disease 
Journal of Nutritional Science 
Journal of Nutrition and Food Science 
Nutrition Journal 
Plant Foods for Human Nutrition


BBC Good Food Middle East
Tesco Magazine

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