School Leadership for Transformation: Unleashing the Talent and Vision of a Community

The quality of a school cannot surpass the talents and vision of its teachers and leaders. Often though, young talented teachers quickly leave teaching and many experienced educators feel uninspired or seem to be ‘going through the motions’, rather than making contributions essential to growing a learning community.  This session will unveil new models of leadership and school improvement that seeks to effectively engage the skills and aspirations of the talented educators in each school – the heart and soul of a thriving learning community. As school leaders, you will learn how to support a school that is a magnet for visionary teachers to gather and a workplace where incredible people come to grow and make a difference for others.  This workshop will focus on:

  • Understanding entrenched school cultures that cause faculty members to leave or disengage.
  • Looking at emerging trends on workplace motivation and what research says new teachers are really looking for.
  • Identifying the five key elements to building a talent community.
  • Sharing strategies to help you reimagine your school culture and reinvigorate your faculty.
  • Brainstorming ways to revolutionise your school’s collaborative professional development.
  • Exploring examples of innovative school program design through the lens of pedagogy.
  • Discussing ideas on how to strategically attract the next generation of talented teacher‑leaders to your school and develop your own community of practice for leadership.