The major function of the Member Services program area is to provide advice and, where authorized, legal assistance to members facing such contractual problems as transfers, terminations and suspensions. Members with concerns about evaluation processes leading to unsatisfactory decisions about their teaching practice or assignments may also obtain advice from this program area. Professional relations investigations and the investigation and prosecution of members charged with unprofessional conduct, as specified in the Discipline Bylaws, are also responsibilities of staff in this area.

In addition, Member Services staff provide organizational assistance to local associations, training for local executive members and school representatives, presentations and workshops for school staffs and other groups of teachers, advice and assistance to school-based administrators, and support for substitute teachers. Questions about the Member Services Program Area should be directed to

Assistance to LocalsTop of page

Member Services staff assist the Association's 55 local associations with their ongoing operations and, upon request, provide them with advice on such topics as amending their constitutions and producing their annual reports. In addition the Association offers a Local Program Courses each year at Summer Conference to train members interested in assuming office at the local level.

The Association also provides its 13 student locals with advice on organizational matters as well as assistance in arranging specific activities. In addition, the Association sponsors a conference for student locals each fall that includes workshops for the various local officers, sessions on specific university and college issues and a tour of the ATA Library.

Assistance to School RepresentativesTop of page

School representatives play a vital role in the communications between the Association and its members. To assist these representatives in their task of informing members about Association services and activities, the Association organizes an annual training seminar. An important resource for school representatives is the Orientation Handbook, which is produced annually and provides an overview of Association services and activities.