Local Community Relations Grants

The Alberta Teachers’ Association offers Community Relations Grants to locals undertaking activities that profile public education and show teachers as active and concerned citizens. Locals that qualify will receive a base grant of $250, plus $1 per member.

Locals interested in applying for a Community Relations Grant should download the 
  Community Relations Grants Booklet for examples of some of the diverse activities carried out by locals across Alberta.

Double your Community Relations Grant!

Alberta’s teachers are concerned about the wellbeing of children and youth. That’s why the Association is working with the Alberta division of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) to promote mental health, discourage the negative stigma often associated with mental illness, and provide teachers with information resources to help them support students with mental health needs.

Locals are encouraged to use their 2017/18 Community Relations Grants for activities that promote the mental health of children and youth. Such activities will double your Community Relations Grant. This means that locals are eligible for up to $500, plus $2 per member, for community relations projects relating to mental health issues.

The Alberta division of the CMHA has eight regional offices throughout the province. We encourage locals to work with these regional officers and neighbouring locals to develop programs that promote public education and portray teachers as active and concerned about the mental health of children and youth. In some cases, sponsorship opportunities already exist. Additional information on the CMHA is available at www.cmha.ab.ca.

To apply for a Community Relations Grant, please download, fill in the Form and submit it to Andrea Berg, Executive Staff Officer, andrea.berg@ata.ab.ca. Deadlines for grant applications are October 27, 2017 and February 9, 2018.

Questions about the Community Relations Grants should be addressed to Andrea Berg at the above e-mail address.