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Alberta Band Association
American Folk Song Collection 
American School Band Directors Association
ARChive of Contemporary Music 
ArtsAlive: Music Resources
Band Director
Band Teacher’s Percussion Guide: Insights into Teaching and Playing Percussion
Beethoven Gateway 
Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations 
Canadian Music Educators' Association 
Carnegie Hall: Music Educators' Toolbox 
Choral Public Domain Library 
Children's Music Network 
Classroom Music 
Conservatory Canada 
Cooper's Divertimento 
Drum Lessons Database 
Earmaster: Famous Songs to Learn Intervals 
Ethnomusicology Musical Instrument Collection
From The Top 
Global Music Archive 
Keeping Score in the Classroom 
Mark Shepard's Flute Page 
Merlot Music Portal 
Museum of Making Music 
Music and the Bassoon
Music at the National Arts Centre (Can)
Music Makes Us
Music Manuscripts Online 
Music Resources for Teachers 
Music Treasures Consortium
Oboes for Idgets 
Online Music Dictionary 
Passion for Jazz 
Pay the Piper 
Rap Rhyming Dictionary 
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 
Sax on the Web 
Science of Music: The Accidental Scientist 
Song Facts 
Texas School Music Project 
University of Rochester: Sibley Music Library 
Virtual Library of Musicology 

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BBC Radio 3 
Free Music Archive 
National Jukebox (US)

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Note: Peer-reviewed journals are marked with a graduation cap

Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education
British Postgraduate Musicology 
Critical Studies in Improvisation   
Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture  
Empirical Musicology Review  
Ethnomusicology Review  
EURASip Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing 
GAMUT: Online Journal of the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic 
Journal of Jazz Studies  
Journal of Music and Meaning  
Journal of Music History Pedagogy  
Journal of Sonic Studies  
Kapralova Society Journal: A Journal of Women in Music
Nota Bene 
Music and the Arts in Action  
Music Performance Research  
Music Theory Online
Popular Musicology Online  
Research and Issues in Music Education
School Band and Orchestra Magazine 
SoundEffects: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound Experience 

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Classics for Kids
Discover ESO
New York Philharmonic: Kidzone
SFS Kids


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