2019 Beginning Teachers Conference

Edmonton Conference
September 26(eve)–28, 2019

Fantasyland Hotel, 17700 87 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Calgary Conference
October 3(eve)–5, 2019

Premier Best Western, Calgary Plaza Hotel, 1316 33 Street NE, Calgary


Registration is open to teachers in their first two years of classroom teaching who have not previously attended the conference and those teachers new to teaching in the province.

How to register

Online registration opens August 1, 2019. For more information, contact Cheryl O’Brien by e-mail cheryl.obrien@ata.ab.ca.

Registration deadline: Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

If you live north of Red Deer (or in Red Deer): please register for the Edmonton conference: https://atapd.ca/initiatives/edmonton-btc-2019/register.

If you live south of Red Deer: please register for the Calgary conference: https://atapd.ca/initiatives/calgary-btc-2019/register.

Conference materials will be posted as they become available.

About the Conference Member login required
À propos du congrès Code d’accès et mot de passe requis

Conference Information Package Member login required
Renseignements détaillés pour s’inscrire, et avant-programme Code d’accès et mot de passe requis

Welcome to the Teaching Profession Getting Started: A Checklist for Beginning Teachers Member login required
Bienvenue dans la profession Conseils pratiques pour un bon début de carrière Code d’accès et mot de passe requis

Professional Development

Visit the ATA Educational Trust to apply for a $500 grant to your specialist council conference (deadline September 30), or a $700 bursary to take additional courses (deadline May 1). Over $100,000 in professional development funds are available this year!

Conference Materials

President’s Message to Beginning Teachers Member login required
Message du président de l’Alberta Teachers’ Association Code d’accès et mot de passe requis

Frequently Asked Questions for Beginning Teachers Member login required
Questions souvent posées par les enseignants débutants Code d’accès et mot de passe requis

Handbook for Teachers New to the Profession and the Alberta Teachers' Association Member login required
Guide pour enseignants nouveaux dans la profession et à l’Alberta Teachers’ Association Code d’accès et mot de passe requis

ATA Bargaining Units—Local Order, 2018/19 Member login required

2018 Members’ Handbook Member login required

2018 Hotel Rates for ATA Members Member login required

2018/19 Orientation Handbook Member login required
Manuel d’orientation 2015/16 Code d’accès et mot de passe requis

Danger en Ligne

Here Comes Everyone
Ici, tout le monde est le bienvenu 

Education Is Our Buffalo
L’éducation, notre bison

Teachers and Teachers' Assistants: Roles and Responsibilities 

Teachers’ Rights, Responsibilities and Legal Liabilities 
Droits, responsabilités et obligations légales des enseignants 

Teacher Guides

Administration of Medication: Rights and Risks
Administration de médicaments

Beyond the Norm: Dealing with Parental Harassment
Harcèlement parental

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Leaves of Absence
Congés autorisés

Maintaining Standards: Professional Discipline
Professionnalisme et mesures disciplinaires

Part-Time Teaching: Frequenty Asked Questions
Enseignement à temps partiel

Teachers' Conventions: Obligations
Devoir d’assister à son« teachers’ convention »

Tenure, Termination and Transfer
Permanence, résiliation de contrat et mutation

What to Do in a Crisis
Que faire en cas de crise?

Why Is There an ATA?
À quoi sert l'ATA?


For more information, contact Cheryl O'Brien by e-mail cheryl.obrien@ata.ab.ca.