Section 2: Reflect on Your Professional Practice

Self-Assessment of Learning Needs

Professional growth plans must reflect the teacher's self-assessed learning needs. Source: Alberta Education Policy 2.1.5 (Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation)

How well do you know the requirements, the specific knowledge, skills and attributes associated with the Teaching Quality Standard or the Professional Practice Competencies for School Leaders in Alberta? All teachers and school leaders are expected to meet the standard throughout their career.

The self-assessment of teacher learning needs is critical to professional growth. Teachers develop their professional practice throughout their entire career. Therefore, self-assessment must be continuous and seamless with professional growth. Self-assessment can take many forms from reflective practice and journals to action research; from analysis of student achievement data to peer coaching and critical friends. Many tools exist to assist teachers in assessing their professional learning needs in meeting the Teaching Quality Standard and/or the Professional Practice Competencies for School Leaders in Alberta.

A new comprehensive digital, interactive Self-Reflection on My Professional Practice tool is available to assist teachers and school leaders in reflecting on the knowledge, skills and attributes of their professional practice as related to the Teaching Quality Standard and/or the Professional Practice Competencies for School Leaders in Alberta. Results of the self-reflection appears in bar graph summary format, which ultimately leads to a self assessment of ones' learning needs. An online User Guide with Frequently Asked Questions is available to support users and to answer commonly asked questions.

In addition, the following self-assessment tools, one tool for each standard, may be used individually or in collaboration with teaching colleagues or school administrators. The tools are MS Word files that can be saved to your computer so that you can complete and print the documents.

Self-Assessment Tools for Teachers 

Tool 2.1: Context and Pedagogy
Tool 2.2: Understanding the Legislated Frameworks
Tool 2.3: Understanding Subject Disciplines
Tool 2.4: Approaches to Teaching
Tool 2.5: Planning for Teaching
Tool 2.6: Learning Environment
Tool 2.7: Engaging Learning Activities
Tool 2.8:
Employing Technology
Tool 2.9:
Assessing Student Learning
Tool 2.10:
Communicating with Parents
Tool 2.11:
A Culture of Teacher Learning