Administrators and Counsellors—Confidentiality Issues Related to Student and Counselling Records

Description: This session examines the issue of confidentiality related to counselling sessions as to when disclosure of information is appropriate or where confidentiality must be maintained. A review of the circumstances where guidance counsellors must disclose information from counselling sessions will be undertaken. The session will also examine both the guidance counsellor’s and school administrator’s roles relative to the counsellee’s right to privacy. Exploration of this issue will examine reporting on criminal acts, suicide disclosures and disclosed threat of physical violence to others. What prevails—the counsellee’s common-law privilege to privacy or the right of parents, school administrators and school districts to seek information from a counselling session? Does one’s reporting obligation related to pregnancy and abortion advice change in Catholic schools? Obligations under statute—the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act, Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, Education Act, Student Regulation and the Teaching Profession Act will be reviewed.

Administrators Need to Know the Law

Description: This presentation is designed to make administrators more aware of their legal obligations. As such, it provides advice on handling a range of matters that administrators face daily, matters such as negligence, liability, custody and general grievances. In addition, it provides advice to administrators on dealing with teachers who are experiencing difficulty, whose behaviour may or may not warrant disciplinary measures, or whose performance and/or conduct has been deemed unsatisfactory. The presentation can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular group or offered as a presentation to a large group.

Language: English & French

Association Services for Administrators

Description: This presentation describes the various services and programs that the Association offers to administrators. These services are intended to support the school administrator in his or her role as the accomplished teacher who, through expert leadership, ensures that all students in the school have optimal opportunities to learn and develop.

Language: English

Common and Emerging Issues for Administrators

Description: School-based administrators deal with a wide range of concerns and make decisions requiring a high level of responsibility and accountability. In addition to addressing issues that administrators confront daily, this presentation will provide advice on emerging topics that are of current interest. Upon request, the presentation can be tailored to meet the particular needs of participants. 

Language: English

Investigate or Not: When, Why and How

Description: This session looks at how school administrators should address complaints received about student(s) and teacher(s). Differentiation as to circumstances that need to be investigated by school administrators as well as those where the investigation(s) should be left with the school district and/or police will be elaborated. The session discusses appropriate protocols and elements that must be considered in order to conduct an appropriate investigation. One’s obligation under the “rules of natural justice” and the Code of Professional Conduct will be discussed. The session will also discuss the school administrator’s role when police seek the opportunity to interview students at the school.

Language: English

Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation

The provincial Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy deals with accountability and continuous professional growth, and ensures that a teacher’s professional practice is under ongoing supervision. The Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy defines the process and the Teaching Quality Standard defines the competencies for professional practice. This workshop reviews with principals their critical role and the duties they must perform as outlined in the Education Act, the provincial Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy and the Leadership Quality Standard.

Practice Review

Description: Practice review is not new. The responsibility for practice review has been transferred from Alberta Education to the Alberta Teachers’ Association.
Practice review is a process by which, if a superintendent concludes that a teacher is not meeting the Teaching Quality Standard, that the Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy has been followed, and that the teacher’s suitability for certification is in question, the matter may be referred to the Association under the practice review bylaws where a hearing of the Professional Practice Review Committee will assess the teacher’s professional competence.

It is a process that goes beyond employment and one by which, acting in the interest of students, the public and the profession, a teacher’s membership in the Association may be cancelled or suspended, and a recommendation to the minister may be made to suspend or cancel a teacher’s certificate ensuring the individual can no longer practise in Alberta.

This workshop provides an overview of practice review, which extends from Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy and reviews the critical role principals play in the process.

Language: English

Questions School Principals Ask Teacher Employment Services

Description: This session covers a variety of issues which school administrators have sought advice from Teacher Employment Services. Based on the time requested, up to 25 issues raised by school principals and assistant principals in the form of questions they have asked Teacher Employment Services can be examined. The number of issues covered will vary with the length of session requested. This presentation requires a minimum time of allocation of 1.5 hours and can be extended to half-day and full-day sessions. The session is intended to be interactive with administrators in attendance being encouraged to ask supplemental questions to the issues identified or ask questions not included in the presentation booklet. 

Language: English

Supervision as Instructional Leadership

Description: This presentation examines the role of supervision within the provincial Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy in order to ensure that a teacher’s professional practice is under ongoing supervision. Supervision is presented as synonymous to instructional leadership. It is an interactive presentation that covers a range of topics such as classroom observations, creating reflective and open ended questions, competency versus conduct and the development of a supervision plan.

Language: English