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In June 2016, Alberta Education, the Alberta Teachers’ Association, the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and four other education stakeholder organizations in Alberta signed the Joint Commitment to Action to ensure that all students learn about the histories, cultures and world views of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples. The Alberta Teachers’ Association has begun to fulfill its commitment by establishing the Walking Together: Education for Reconciliation Professional Learning Project.

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Walking Together is being led by five First Nations, Métis and Inuit education consultants from across Alberta, all of whom are experienced classroom teachers with strong knowledge and expertise in Indigenous education. The consultants will lead the way toward ensuring that teachers are ready to meet the foundational knowledge of First Nations, Métis and Inuit as outlined in Alberta Education’s new draft Teaching Quality Standards.

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Walking Together will engage local Indigenous communities by establishing regional advisory committees that include representation from Elders and local knowledge keepers. This process will ensure that the professional development programs and resources developed include regionally specific content for teachers. In Spring 2017, newly developed workshops will be offered to school jurisdiction representatives to facilitate knowledge sharing throughout the province.

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2017 Teachers' Convention Walking Together
Workshop schedule

Blanket Exercise

The Blanket Exercise is a participatory workshop in which educators will experience over 500 years of history by taking on the roles of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Standing on blankets that represent the land, they will walk through time and explore the impacts of colonization, treaty-making, and modern legislation.  The Blanket Exercise is concluded by a facilitated debriefing in which participants have the opportunity to discuss the experience as a group. By engaging participants on an emotional and intellectual level, this workshop is a powerful tool for increasing empathy and understanding.

Length: Half-day session.
Language of Instruction: English
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Education for Reconciliation: Understanding the Legacy of Residential Schools

Residential schools were agents of assimilation and cultural genocide for First Nations, Métis and Inuit children across Canada.

Today, Alberta schools are working towards reconciliation by cultivating positive and respectful relationships among both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous students.

This workshop will examine the history, impacts, and legacy of residential schools including the effects of intergenerational trauma. Tools, resources and strategies that contribute to the development of mutually respectful relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians will be explored. Participants will leave honouring the TRC’s Calls to Action and make a professional and personal commitment to action.

Length: Half-day session.
Language of Instruction: English
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Additional ATA Workshops


Education Is Our Buffalo

Written by a team of aboriginal writers, this guide is intended to make teachers more aware of the history, culture, worldviews and present-day concerns of Alberta’s First Nations, Metis and Inuit people. (PD-80-7 2016 12, 80pp) - Download a Copy

Stepping Stones Series

Stepping Stones is a publication of the Alberta Teachers’ Association
Walking Together Project intended to support certificated teachers
on their learning journey to meet the First Nations, Métis and Inuit
Foundational Knowledge competency in the Teaching Quality Standard.

Please check back regularly as new additions to the series will be posted soon.

Terminology Reference
(PD-WT-16a 2017 02, 4pp) - Download a Copy

Remarque sur la Terminologie (Terminology Reference)
(PD-WT-16aF 2017 05, 4pp) - Download a Copy

First Nations Treaties in Alberta: Treaty 6
(PD-WT-16d 2017 05, 4pp) - Download a Copy

Traités avec les Premières nations en Alberta : Le Traité N° 6 (Treaty 6)
(PD-WT-16dF 2017 07, 4pp) - Download a Copy

We Are All Treaty People Map

Nous sommes tous visés par un traité


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Brochure for Walking Together: Education for Reconciliation Professional Learning Project

Walking Together Education Consultants

From top left to bottom right: Crystal Clark (Treaty 6), Terry Lynn Cook (Métis and Treaty 8), Cheryl Devin (Métis), Hali Heavy Shield (Treaty 7) and Julia McDougall (Treaty 8).