Committee on Convention Review


At its meeting on 2017 06 08–09, Provincial Executive Council struck a Committee on Convention Review and assigned duties to its members. The committee’s terms of reference is listed below, for your information.

Committee Terms of Reference

Committee on Convention Review


  • Two members of Provincial Executive Council (one as chair)
  • Four field members representing a cross-section of Association subgroups including:
    • At least two with extensive leadership experience on Association convention boards, and
    • At least two with extensive other Association leadership experience (as association instructors, local executives, professional development committee chairs, specialist council executives, or members of Association standing committees).
  • Two members of executive staff (one as secretary)


  1. To consult broadly with the general membership and executives of Association subgroups throughout the review and validation processes.
  2. To briefly review the evolution and history of teachers’ conventions.
  3. To review the current mission, vision, and mandate of teachers’ conventions in light of changes to the education landscape and Association policy and strategic directions.
  4. To review convention timing, structure, and programming to determine how well the existing convention model is meeting members’ professional development needs.
  5. To review the organization, membership, and governance of convention associations and convention boards.
  6. To review convention financing and operations and identify potential Association supports and services that could decrease workload, redundancy, and liability.
  7. To review the Association’s protocols for convention attendance and alternate professional development.
  8. To review and clarify the interrelationship between convention associations, local associations, specialist councils, and external stakeholders.
  9. To present issues for discussion at the 2018 summer conference.
  10. To report and provide recommendations, as necessary, to Provincial Executive Council.
  11. To present a final report, including validated recommendations and an implementation plan to Provincial Executive Council before its 2019 10 meeting.

Committee Members

Elaine M Willette-Larsen, District Representative, Central East (Chair)
Robert J Twerdoclib, District Representative, Central North
Andrea L Craigie, Field Member
Timothy C Johnson, Field Member
Allison E McCaffrey, Field Member
David D Teasdale, Field Member
Mark D Swanson, Coordinator, Professional Development
Dan Grassick, Executive Staff Officer, Professional Development (Secretary)

Preliminary Report & Validation

During the 2017/18 school year, the Committee on Convention Review (CCR) conducted extensive consultation and research activities with ATA members to determine how teachers' conventions could better meet their professional development needs. In October 2018, the CCR provided a preliminary report to Provincial Executive Council, which included a summary of the committee's activities, research findings and proposed future directions.

To ensure that the CCR's final report and recommendations are supported by teachers and school leaders across the province, the committee is inviting all members to engage in a number of validation activities in the new year.

How can you provide feedback to the committee?

  1. Download a copy of the CCR's preliminary report and reflection guide at
  2. Complete a 15 question validation survey at
  3. Schedule a face-to-face validation event for your committee or subgroup using the contact information below. 

Contact Information

Please direct all convention review inquiries, questions, and correspondence to:

Dan Grassick
Executive Staff Officer, Professional Development
Alberta Teachers’ Association
11010 142 St NW, Edmonton AB T5N 2R1
T 780-447-9400 or 1-800-232-7208