South Western Alberta

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Member Locals:

  • Holy Spirit Catholic
  • Horizon
  • Lethbridge Public School
  • Livingstone Range (except AB Daly School)
  • Palliser (teachers in the southern half of the local only)
  • Westwind

South Western

Convention Association Executive

Exhibit Chair
Vern Tellefson
Phone (bus): 403-752-4900 
Fax: 403-653-4641
Past President
Leslie Wolowidnyk-Vogel
Phone (bus): 403-738-4825
Rod Lowry
Fax: 403-653-4641
Program Chair
Christine Perreaux
Phone (bus): 403-795-2039 
Fax: 403-327-1975
Celia Clinton
Phone (bus): 403-627-2985
Roxane Newell
Phone (bus): 403-308-8761