Palliser District

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Member Locals:

  • Canadian Rockies
  • Chinook
  • Chinook's Edge (some schools)
  • Foothills
  • Livingstone Range (AB Daly School only)
  • Palliser (teachers in the northern half of the local only)
  • Prairieland
  • Rocky View
  • Three Drums of Wheat

Palliser District

Convention Association Executive

Exhibit Chair
Tara Hrysak
Phone (bus): 403-273-8129 
Fax: 403-273-0364
Past President
Jordan Fenton
Phone (bus): 403-272-8868 
Fax: 403-272-9112
Andrea Craigie
Phone (bus): 403-948-7030 
Fax: 403-948-7301
Program Chair
Paulette Morck
Phone (bus): 403-619-8619
Susan Paton
Phone (bus): 403-335-3234 
Fax: 403-335-4930
Sherry Leppa
Phone (bus): 403-556-3391 
Fax: 403-556-3375