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Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention
February 28 - March 1, 2019 Add Event to your Calendar
Edmonton Shaw Conference Centre, Westin Hotel and offsite venues, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Sponsor(s): The Provincial ATA/Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association
Contact:  Lloyd Bloomfield (President,GETCA),

Member Locals:

  • Edmonton Catholic Teachers'
  • Edmonton Public Teachers
  • Fort McMurray

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Greater Edmonton

Convention Association Executive

Exhibit Chair
Shawna Reagan
Phone (bus): 780-916-3469
Past President
Karen Sucie
Phone (bus): 780-435-4163 
Fax: 780-438-6049
Lloyd Bloomfield
Phone (bus): 780-465-0429 
Fax: 780-438-1465
Program Chair
Lily Ma
Phone (bus): 780-438-4032 
Fax: 780-447-2403
Program Chair
Jp Decorby
Phone (bus): 780-438-2524
Judy Toews
Phone (bus): 780-455-5533 
Fax: 780-453-1525
Dolph Shaw
Phone (bus): 780-487-2728