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The objective of the Science Council (SC) is to promote science education in Alberta's schools through constant improvement in the quality of science instruction.


To carry out its mandate, the Science Council promotes seminars on science teaching throughout the province of Alberta and encourages the establishment of regional councils. To aid in professional development, the Science Council has established a list of resource personnel in the field of science and also provides teams of such personnel to fill requests from regionals and locals for workshops.

The Science Councils holds an annual conference and encourages the pooling and sharing of ideas. The Council also actively encourages the sharing of successful classroom results among all members of the Council and abides by the notion that an individual triumph is also a group triumph.


The SC publishes The Alberta Science Teacher newsletter and the Alberta Science Education Journal.

Council Fees


Category Fee
Regular Membership $35
Student Membership $0
Life Membership $35
Subscriptions $40

Contact information for the executive members of the Science Council is provided to assist the ATA in conducting its professional and business affairs.

Science Council

Council Executive/Comité exécutif

James Slattery
Phone (bus): 780-713-1591
Michelle Savoie
Phone (bus): 587-338-4223
Leanne Rief
Phone (bus): 780-933-4492
Editor, Alberta Science Education
Monica Chahal
Phone (bus): 780-709-8287
Editor, The Alberta Science Teacher
Rachel Mount
Phone (bus): 780-536-2726
ATA Staff Advisor
Dan Grassick
PEC Liaison
Paul Froese
Phone (bus): 780-973-3111

Upcoming Conference(s)/Congrès à venir

There are no upcoming conferences currently scheduled./Il n'y a aucun congrès de prévu en ce moment.