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The Religious and Moral Education Council (RMEC) offers an opportunity for Alberta teachers representing various moral and religious viewpoints to come together in order to enhance their professional development in this area and thus assist young people in developing meaning and values in their lives. The Council also examines issues pertaining to the religious and moral dimensions of education.

RMEC seeks to carry out its mandate by actively promoting religious and moral education classes at the university level. The Council was instrumental in the implementation of different religious studies and ethics courses at the primary level and is active in attempting to gain recognition from Teacher Qualifications Service for religious and moral education courses completed both in Alberta and elsewhere.


To honor excellence in the field of religious and moral education, the Council has established a number of annual awards:

  • The Dr. Peter Craigie award is presented to an individual or organization that has contributed to the professional growth of RMEC members.
  • An annual award of merit is granted in recognition of exemplary teaching or leadership in the field of religious and moral education.
  • The William D Hrychuk Memorial award is an honorary lifetime membership that honors outstanding achievement and distinguished service by a Council member.

In addition, the Council holds an annual conference where members have the opportunity to consider different factors relating to and affecting their chosen field. Workshops are an integral part of the conference.


The RMEC publishes Fully Alive journal.

Council Fees


Category Fee
Regular Membership $40
Student Membership $0
Life Membership $25
Subscriptions $30

Contact information for the executive members of the Religious and Moral Education Council is provided to assist the ATA in conducting its professional and business affairs.

Upcoming Conference(s)

There are no upcoming conferences currently scheduled.

Religious & Moral Education Council

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