Religious and Moral Education Council

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The Religious and Moral Education Council exists to improve knowledge, understanding, and practice in the field of religious and moral education.

We are committed to serving teachers through the values of faith, dignity, respect, and collaboration.


The council holds an annual conference each fall with world-class speakers and various activities within. This conference provides an invaluable opportunity for sharing among colleagues, and a perfect environment for encouragement, networking and growing in best practices.

To honor excellence in the field of religious and moral education, the Council has also established a number of awards which are presented at our yearly conference:

  • The Dr Peter Craigie Award is presented to an individual or organization that has contributed to the professional growth of RMEC members.
  • Awards of Merit recognize exemplary teaching, leadership and/or service in the field of religious and moral education. Winners of this award demonstrate (four award categories) the values of Faith, Dignity, Respect and/or Collaboration.
  • The William D Hrychuk Memorial Award, the council’s highest honor, is an honorary lifetime membership recognizing outstanding achievement and distinguished service in the field of religious and moral education.


The RMEC publishes the journal, Fully Alive.

Council Fees


Category Fee
Regular Membership $40
Student Membership $0
Life Membership $25
Subscriptions $30

Contact information for the executive members of the Religious and Moral Education Council is provided to assist the ATA in conducting its professional and business affairs.

Upcoming Conference(s)/Congrès à venir

There are no upcoming conferences currently scheduled./Il n'y a aucun congrès de prévu en ce moment.

Religious & Moral Education Council

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