Mathematics Council

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The Mathematics Council (MC) seeks to provide leadership to encourage the continuing enhancement of the teaching, learning and understanding of mathematics in the province of Alberta.


The MC, in its role of advocate for mathematics education, promotes inservices to improve math education in schools throughout the province. The Council provides resource personnel and helps with program planning in cooperation with convention committees and other interest groups. The Council sponsors an annual conference, which provides opportunities for the sharing of information, news and innovations in the field of mathematics education, as well as regional mini-conferences.


The MC publishes the Mathematics Council Newsletter and the delta-k journal.

Council Fees

Category Fee
Regular Membership $30
Student Membership $0
Life Membership $30
Subscriptions $35

Contact information for the executive members of the Mathematics Council is provided to assist the ATA in conducting its professional and business affairs.

Upcoming Conference(s)

October 18, 2018  Delta Hotel by Marriott Radisson Hotel - Edmonton South, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
October 19 - 20, 2018  Delta Hotel by Marriott Radisson Hotel - Edmonton South, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Mathematics Council

Council Executive

Alicia Burdess
Phone (bus): 780-532-3013 
Fax: 780-532-3430
Donna Chanasyk
Phone (bus): 780-459-4405 
Fax: 780-459-0187
Darcy Bundy
Phone (bus): 780-239-7074
Editor, delta-K
Lorelei Boschman
Newsletter Editor
Stacey Wu
Phone (bus): 403-663-1939
ATA Staff Advisor
Lisa Everitt
Phone (bus): 780-447-9463 OR 1-800-232-7208 
Fax: 780-455-6481
PEC Liaison
Katherine Pritchard
Phone (bus): 403-329-9058
Director At Large
Darin Trufyn