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The objective of the Fine Arts Council (FAC) is to ensure the inclusion of the fine arts (music, art, drama, dance) in school curricula. The Council strives to teach students to appreciate, understand and develop critical awareness of the products of the mind, the voice, the hand and the body.


The FAC believes that fine arts are basic to life and fundamental to the development of the human spirit, and that an appreciation of the fine arts aids students in the development of critical—and creative—thinking skills. To promote these beliefs, the Council seeks to liaise with the provincial government and the ministry of education to promote the inclusion of fine arts in school curricula and also seeks to influence policymakers at all levels. The Council acts as an advocate both for fine arts programs and for teachers of fine arts and serves as a focus for common interest groups. The Council affiliates with other specialist councils as well as with support groups at the local, regional and provincial levels. As part of its advocacy role for professional development, the Fine Arts Council sponsors an annual three-day conference as well as a yearly MADD Dash day-long workshop.


The FAC publishes A Fine Facta journal.

Council Fees


Category Fee
Regular Membership $25
Student Membership $0
Life Membership $25
Subscriptions $25

Contact information for the executive members of the Fine Arts Council is provided to assist the ATA in conducting its professional and business affairs.

Fine Arts Council

Council Executive

Dawn Marshall
Phone (bus): 780-352-6287
Heather Willms
Phone (bus): 403-394-1311
Mike Wheeler
Phone (bus): 780-542-4401
Editor, A Fine Facta
Brittany Martin
Phone (bus): 403-467-2412
ATA Staff Advisor
Anne-Marie Huizing
Phone (bus): 403-620-6183 OR 1-800-232-7208
PEC Liaison
Greg Jeffery
Phone (bus): 780-998-0746

Upcoming Conference(s)

There are no upcoming conferences currently scheduled.