Council for Inclusive Education
Name changed from Special Education Council to Council for Inclusive Education December 2014.

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The Council for Inclusive Education (CIE) seeks to advance the education of students with special needs and to improve the teaching practices and resources of those working on behalf of special needs students throughout Alberta.


To carry out its mandate, the CIE liaises with government agencies and other groups to influence the development of provincial and local policies and to ensure that such policies enhance the education of special needs students. The Council works to increase public awareness of the necessity for education for special needs students and encourages and supports educators with new and innovative ideas.

Through its annual conference, the Council provides opportunities for networking and for professional development. In addition, the Council holds an annual award ceremony to recognize outstanding individual service to students with special needs.


The CIE publishes The Inclusive Educator newsletter (formerly The Special Educator).

Council Fees


Category Fee
Regular Membership $25
Student Membership $0
Life Membership $25
Subscriptions $25

Contact information for the executive members of the Council for Inclusive Education is provided to assist the ATA in conducting its professional and business affairs.

Council for Inclusive Education

Council Executive

Michelle Dow
Phone (bus): 403-860-4907
Patricia Schwandt
Phone (bus): 780-532-7779 
Fax: 780-539-3242
Rhonda Kelly
Phone (bus): 780-832-3127
Co-Editors, Inside Inclusion
Kelly Huck
Phone (bus): 403-477-5609
Co-Editors, Inside Inclusion
Darci Fulton
Phone (bus): 403-615-5212
Co-Editors, The Inclusive Educator
Nancy Grigg
Phone (bus): 403-329-2257 
Fax: 403-329-2252
Co-Editors, The Inclusive Educator
Kelly Huck
Phone (bus): 403-477-5609
ATA Staff Advisor
Melissa Purcell
Phone (bus): 780-940-9556 OR 1-800-232-7208
PEC Liaison
Don Brookwell
Phone (bus): 403-304-5164

Upcoming Conference(s)

There are no upcoming conferences currently scheduled.