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Common Threads for Inclusive Education

In collaboration with the Council for Inclusive Education, a new resource series, Common Threads for Inclusive Education, continues to be developed to support implementation of the new Teaching Quality Standard and Leadership Quality Standard specific to inclusive education.  Each of the resources contain background information, teaching strategies and further resources specific to the topics and are designed to be entry points to further learning. 

Please check back regularly as new additions to the series will be posted soon.


 Coming Soon Common Threads for Inclusive Education –  Terminology
Common Threads for Inclusive Education – Professional Growth Resources
(PD-170-2a, 2020 03, 12pp)

Fils conducteurs en éducation inclusive – Ressources destinées au perfectionnement professionnel 
(PD-170-2aF, 2020 12, 12pp)
Common Threads for Inclusive Education – Parent Collaboration
(PD-170-5, 2020 0, 8pp)

Fils conducteurs en éducation inclusive – Collaboration avec les parents
(PD-170-5F, 2021 04, 8pp)
Common Threads for Inclusive Education – Student Assessment in an Inclusive Classroom
(PD-170-8, 2020 08, 8pp)
Common Threads for Inclusive Education – Emotional and Mental Health
(PD-170-10, 2020 09, 12pp)
Common Threads for Inclusive Education – Understanding Challenging Behaviours
(PD-170-6, 2020 06, 8pp)
Common Threads for Inclusive Education – Learning Disabilities 
(PD-170-3, 2020 06, 8pp)

Fils conducteurs en éducation inclusive – Troubles d’apprentissage 
(PD-170-3F, 2021 02, 8pp)
Common Threads for Inclusive Education – High Ability and Gifted Students
(PD-170-7, 2020 06, 8pp)
Common Threads for Inclusive Education – Autism Spectrum Disorder
(PD-170-4, 2020 02, 8pp)
 Coming soon Common Threads for Inclusive Education – Immigrant and Refugees
(PD-170-4, 2020 02, 8pp) 


Additional Resources for Inclusive Education

Library Guide
The ATA Library provides a guide to print materials in the library and web-based resources that support diversity and inclusion. Topics include: Inclusive Education; Gifted Students; Differentiated Instruction; Disabilities; Learning Disabilities; ADHD; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; Dyslexia; Dyspraxia, Open Access Journals, and Universal Design for Learning

BOATS: Behaviour, Observations, Assessment, Teaching Strategies
This resource is intended to provide a process for teachers to effectively address behaviours that seriously interfere with a student’s learning and/or limit a student’s ability to interact positively with others. BOATS is designed for classroom teachers, inclusive education teachers, educational assistants and others involved in establishing and maintaining effective instructional programs to modify challenging behaviours. (PD-224, 2016, 108 pp)
Coaching to Support Inclusion: A Principal’s Guide
This resource guide is designed for school principals as a self-paced program to explore the use of coaching to support the development of inclusive practices. Coaching is defined in this resource as a professional development strategy in which coaches work with teachers to meet the needs of all students within an inclusive school environment. Coaching to Support Inclusion reflects the collegial and collaborative culture of Alberta schools and encourages principals to work with their teachers to consider the academic and social needs of students with exceptionalities in an inclusive learning environment. (COMM-196, 2016 01, 144 pp)
Creating a Compassionate Classroom
Produced by the ATA, the Canadian Mental Health Association and Global Television to help build awareness of the Healthy Minds. Bright Futures. program. This resource provides teachers with information on common mental health issues, tools to help identify students in need and resources to help teachers make referrals to mental health professionals. (COOR-79e, 2015, 40 pp)
Government of Alberta, Alberta Education, Inclusive Education Library 
Database created by Alberta Education containing a collection of resources for classroom teachers on supports for students, parents, subject-specific, behavioral and social participation, medical conditions and disabilities information, and student support plans.


Available Professional Development workshops supporting inclusive education, such as

  • Creating Inclusive Learning Environments
  • Unseen Hurts: Promoting Positive Mental Health in Alberta Schools
  • Addressing Diverse Learning Needs in Classrooms
  • PRISM – Professionals Respecting  Individual and Sexual Minorities
  • Indigenous Ways of Knowing
  • Here Comes Everyone – Teaching in the Culturally Diverse Classroom (EN/FR)

Diversity, Equity & Human Rights

Indigenous Education and Walking Together