Alberta Resources

Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre
This site provides information about human rights law and civil liberties, including many resources on LGBTQ issues.

Bully-Free Alberta
This website provides parents, teens and community members with tools to prevent or intervene in bullying situations. It is a one-stop resource filled with helpful information about how to deal with bullying.

Diversity Toolkit
This University of Calgary website features a collection of provincial, national and international online diversity resources, funding sources, glossaries, exemplary projects, and selected reading lists. The Diversity Tool Kit is designed for teachers, scholars and activists who wish to promote the acceptance of differences within schools and communities.

Family Violence Prevention
Designed by Alberta Children's Services, this website features an E-Tool kit, which contains, among other resources, LGBTQ-specific fact sheets and a booklet on abuse in same-sex and LGBTQ relationships.

Safety Under the Rainbow
The purpose of this website is to raise awareness about and increase understanding of same-sex domestic violence and homophobic youth bullying. The resources and information are intended primarily for service providers.

Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities
The mission of the Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities (SACSC) is to encourage home, school and community practices that teach, model and reinforce socially responsible and respectful behaviours, so that living and learning can take place in a safe, caring and inclusive environment.

S-Team Heroes
This website is designed to help children and youth learn more about bullying and how to intervene.

This Calgary-based website provides resources and information on sexual orientation and gender identity issues for youth.