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Planning to retire?

The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), through the Teacher Employment Services program area, offers a variety of retirement information sessions and consultation opportunities for teachers.

The following events are available to attend (either virtually or physically in your area):


Pre-Retirement Workshop

Together, teachers and their pension partner will explore planning for retirement, the changing character of retirement and the process of making important decisions. Teachers will learn about financial and lifestyle planning before, during and after retirement from a teacher’s perspective. They will investigate various aspects of retiring, including building a financial plan, the Alberta Teachers’ Pension Plan, wills and estates, benefits and lifestyle planning for a successful and rewarding retirement.

No further workshops are planned for this school year. Watch here for workshop dates in the 2022-23 school year. 


Understanding Your Pension—Pension Education for Early Service Teachers (On-Line Workshop ONLY)

This evening retirement information sessions will be offered twice during the school year. During these sessions, general information will be presented on the Alberta teachers’ pension plan, planning personal saving, Federal benefits and other retirement income sources for early service teachers. The focus will be on the value for forward planning early in a teacher’s career. Debt reduction and savings planning will be emphasized. Pension partners are also encouraged to attend.

No further workshops are planned for this school year. Watch here for workshop dates in the 2022-23 school year.


Retirement Planning for Women (On-Line Workshop ONLY)

This session will focus on retirement planning specifically for female teachers. Women and men face different challenges in their lives and those challenges can have financial consequences. Women live longer, which means they will likely spend more years alone; therefore, they will need more retirement savings so they don’t outlive their money. Teachers will have the opportunity to engage in an interactive workshop which aims to improve women’s financial literacy and confidence.

No further workshops are planned for this school year. Watch here for workshop dates in the 2022-23 school year.


Contact Teacher Employment Services at for more information on these sessions.

The Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund (ATRF) provides information to teachers regarding their pensions and has pension counsellors who guide teachers through the retirement process.



How can I access information about my pension?

The best place for teachers to look for pension information is the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund Board (ATRF) website (  

ATRF is the administrator and trustee of the Teachers’ Pension Plan (the Plan). On the website, teachers can access Plan rules and investment reports as well as forms and information kits pertaining to specific life events. There is also a section for pensioners and a section for employers.

The most used sections of the website are the MyPension tool, the purchase of service calculator and the tax calculator. To get the most from ATRF’s pension planning tools, teachers should register for ATRF’s On-Line Services. Registered teachers can view their specific information, including amount of pensionable service and five-year average salary and use that information to estimate future pension or cost of purchasing service. Teachers should note, however, that the information on salary and service is only as up to date as their employer has reported to ATRF.

To register for the online services:

  1. On the ATRF homepage, click on ‘Access MyPension’ on the sidebar and click on Register
  2. Read and accept the MyPension agreement
  3. Register with your ATRF ID Number (located on your Annual Plan Member Statement)
  4. Create your MyPension User ID and Password
  5. Registration is complete

If you require more information, ATRF pension counsellors are available for personal interviews and group seminars. Call ATRF in Edmonton at 1-800-661-9582.

Is there an association for retired teachers?

The Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA) was founded in 1963 and currently has in excess of 12,000 regular and 8,500 affiliate members. Teachers in receipt of an Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund (ATRF) pension are eligible for regular membership. Affiliate members are retirees from Alberta universities.

ARTA has 17 local branches around Alberta and one satellite branch in British Columbia that provide social activities for members. ARTA also advocates for retirees and seniors in regard to pension and healthcare, and advocates for public education and the teaching profession.

ARTA’s benefit plan covers retired teachers who are 55 years or older and have contributed to the Alberta Teachers’ Pension Plan for at least five years. The benefit plan is specifically designed for people 65 and over who are receiving seniors’ health benefits. Benefits are also available to surviving spouses or dependants of members. Benefit coverage includes extended health care, travel insurance and dental and life insurance. If coverage begins within 60 days of the loss of other group coverage, there is no need to provide proof of good health to enrol in the benefit plan.

Membership in ARTA also provides eligibility for other products, such as discounts on hotels, car rentals, computers and many more.

For more information about membership in ARTA, call ARTA at 780-822-2400 or 1-855-212-2400 anywhere in Canada and the United States.