Leaves of Absence

There are various reasons a teacher may need to take a short term leave of absence. Some of these reasons may be: family medical, critical illness, bereavement, personal illness, jury duty, personal business, association business, funeral, quarantine, family emergency, wedding or other family celebration, child care, maternity, parental, or compassionate.

To understand what leave provisions/entitlements may or may not be available, we recommend that teachers review their own collective agreement before requesting a leave. Each school jurisdiction’s collective agreement covers these items and will provide information regarding leaves with or without pay. Please check your collective agreement.

Sick leave and maternity leave often require individual consultation with the Association as each situation may have its own specific circumstances. Teachers are cautioned against requesting personal leave instead of sick leave if there are any concerns about health. If there are health issues, the teachers should consult with their doctor and Teacher Welfare prior to requesting leave.

Issues with requesting the leave should be reported to your Teacher Welfare Committee chair or Teacher Welfare. Please review the following information to determine if consultation with Association staff is required.

For more information, contact Teacher Welfare at 780-447-9400 (Edmonton area), 1‑800‑232‑7208 (elsewhere), or e-mail tw@ata.ab.ca

Sick Leave

Teachers' Sick Leave and EDB Guide is an Association publication designed to provide guidance to teachers on sick leave who may require extended disability benefits (EDB). It will guide you through processing your sick leave claim and disability application.  It is intended only for teachers in school jurisdictions that participate in disability plans offered by the Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP).

If your board has another disability carrier (Manulife, Great West Life, etc), please request a document from your school division regarding steps in the long term disability process.

Maternity and Parental Leave

Details regarding maternity and parental leave are outlined here, including information on time off, employment insurance, the supplementary employment benefit plan, and group health benefits and insurance. The Maternity Leave Brochure : Everything you need to know about maternity leave  (available here in French) is also a valuable resource when planning your leave.  

Association dues while you’re on leave

Association dues are required while on any leave of absence. You may complete this leave of absence form or wait for the Association to bill you. Invoices are generated twice per year and sent out to teachers on leave. Further information about leaves can be found on the membership page.

For more information, contact Teacher Welfare at 780-447-9400 (Edmonton area), 1‑800‑232‑7208 (elsewhere), or e-mail tw@ata.ab.ca