Assignable Time Calculators

As per Joint Interpretation Bulletin No 1 (issued by the Teachers’ Employer Bargaining Association [TEBA] and the Alberta Teachers’ Association [ATA], Question 19, discusses that the 907 and 1200 hours is a cap and not a target:

Exceeding 1200 Hours: The 1200 hours teacher assignable time is the maximum assignable time that a teacher can be assigned. A teacher may not be assigned more than 1200 hours of assignable time and the jurisdiction cannot pay additional compensation. Jurisdictions are encouraged to provide for flexibility in scheduling instructional and assignable time so that no teacher exceeds the maximum time caps.

If you believe you are over the instructional or assigned time cap, or you calculate a different amount than the school or jurisdiction, the first step should be to discuss the discrepancy with school based administration. Before meeting with administration, contact Teacher Employment Services to review your calculations. If the conversation with school administration does not solve the issue and you believe you are over the maximum assigned or instructional time cap, a grievance may be filed. As a professional courtesy, and to ensure compliance with the Code of Professional Conduct, you will want to inform school administration of your intent.

The 2020/21 assignable time calculators feature two types of reports, BRIEF (new) and DETAILED. The Brief Report requires members to calculate their minutes of instruction and assigned time on their own and DOES NOT require the completion of the timetable sheets or the month sheets. The Brief Report will calculate the totals but needs your numbers to start the process. Regardless of which report you choose to use, you will be required to fill in the “day occurrences” in the Brief Report, as it populates into the detailed report for you.

The purpose of the Brief Report is to try to make the process of deciding if your assignable time is going to be more than 1200 hours in the collective agreement more quickly. If you have a sufficient cushion in your time, completing the Detailed report may not be required. Members with assignable time calculations that are approaching the maximum should strongly consider completing the DETAILED report (including the Timetable and Month sheets). Doing so will ensure an accurate accounting of your time.

Teachers can calculate their own assignable and instruction hours by using these two Calculators:



You will need:

  1. Your timetable, with bell schedule;
  2. Calendar (school and division);
  3. List of your activities (school assigned); and
  4. Joint Interpretation Bulletin No 1 (for what is and is not defined as assignable time).

Please note that you may experience the following technical issues with the calculators:

  1. Before you will be able to make changes, you will need to save a copy of the applicable spreadsheet on your own computer.
  2. The spreadsheets have been created on Excel and are only supported for use with Excel, on both Mac and PC.
  3. ChromeBooks (Google Sheets) are not supported.
  4. Users can change column widths and can copy/paste information from a cell on one sheet to an another cell on a different sheet (useful for copying timetable information from one day to another).

If you have concerns or questions, please contact Teacher Welfare at or call 1-800-232-7208 and ask for Teacher Welfare. Note that advice cannot be provided via email. Please provide a telephone contact number where you can be reached.