Employer ActionTop of page

Members facing employer action such as reprimands, suspension, or termination; members being identified for surplus/transfer or being subject of district investigations.
Employment Action

Employment InformationTop of page

Members having questions about their contracts of employment, their duties under contract, assignable time, instructional time, certification, and resignation or retirement.
Contracts of Employment

Interpersonal RelationsTop of page

Members experiencing difficulty with colleagues, or experiencing difficulties with central office staff, parents, students and non-certificated staff.
Professional Relations

Medical IssuesTop of page

Members having questions about medical leave, return to work plans or health related accommodations. Please note that Teacher Welfare also deals with various medical issues and questions.

Professional CompetenceTop of page

Members with questions about professional growth plans, supervision, evaluation and remediation, or practice review.
Professional Growth, Supervision and Evaluation - Policy
Professional Growth, Supervision and Evaluation - Available Services

Code of Professional ConductTop of page

Members having questions about the Code of Professional Conduct, the discipline process followed by the Association or questions about filing a request for investigation.
Professional Conduct

Members having questions about FOIP, PIPA or privacy concerns, criminal records checks, due process, board policies or human rights issues.

Liability MattersTop of page

Members having questions about duty of care to students, school safety, staff safety and medicating students.
Teacher Liability

Criminal/Assault IssuesTop of page

Members dealing with verbal, physical or sexual assault, or members facing criminal allegations related to their employment.