Provincial Executive Council


Between annual meetings, the business of the Association is transacted by an executive committee of 20 persons, known as the Provincial Executive Council (PEC). PEC is made up of the elected representatives of Alberta teachers plus the Association's executive secretary. The five table officers are its executive, and its other members are 15 district representatives of the 11 geographic districts. The council meets at least eight times a year.

The district representatives are elected for two-year terms by members in their geographic district. The president and vice-presidents are elected for two-year terms by vote of the members on a provincial basis.

Provincial Executive Council establishes standing and ad-hoc committees to advise it on a variety of educational matters and to assist it with Association business.

Table Officers


Jason C Schilling


Jenny L Regal

Darrin A Bauer

Past President

Greg A Jeffery

Executive Secretary

Dennis E Theobald


District Representatives

Calgary City

Calgary Public Teachers No 38
Calgary Separate School No 55

Kathy A Hoehn              

Darren J Moroz                                            


Kevin L Kempt


Calgary District

Canadian Rockies No 59
Christ the Redeemer No 29
Foothills No 16
Rocky View No 35

Karen M Nakaska

Greater Black Gold Teachers’ No 8
St Thomas Aquinas Teachers’ No 45
Timberline No 9
Unité locale francophone No 24
Wetaskiwin No 18


Brenton J Baum   
Central East

Aspen View No 7
Battle River No 32
Greater St Paul No 25
Lakeland Catholic Separate No 30
Northern Lights No 15
Park Plains East No 31


M Murray Lalonde  
Central North

Evergreen No 11
Evergreen Catholic No 44
Northern Gateway No 43
Parkland Teachers' No 10
Pembina Hills No 22
Woodland Rivers No 40


Robert J Twerdoclib
Central South

Chinook's Edge No 17
Clearview Teachers No 33
Red Deer Catholic No 80
Red Deer City No 60
Wolf Creek No 3

Don M Brookwell   
Edmonton District

Elk Island No 28
Elk Island Catholic Teachers No 21
Greater St Albert Catholic No 23
St Albert Public Teachers No 73
Sturgeon No 27


Paul Froese
Edmonton McMurray

Edmonton Catholic Teachers
No 54
Edmonton Public Teachers No37
Fort McMurray No 48



Nancy L Ball

Greg P Carabine   


Carmen N Glossop 

North West
Fort Vermilion No 77
Grande Prairie and District Catholic
Teachers No 42
Greater Peace No 13
High Prairie No 62
Northern Spirt No 6
Northland No 69
Trumpeter No 26



Peter F MacKay
South East

Grasslands No 34
Medicine Hat No 1
Medicine Hat Catholic Teachers No 39
Prairieland No 36
Prairie Rose No 2
Three Drums of Wheat No 20


Heather D McCaig
South West

Holy Spirit Catholic No 5
Horizon No 4
Lethbridge Public School No 41
Livingstone Range No 14
Palliser No 19
Westwind No 12



Katherine D Pritchard


Past Presidents

1917-19 George D Misener 1955-56 George S Lakie
1919-20 Thomas E A Stanley 1956-57 H J McKim Ross
1920-22 Hubert C Newland 1957-59 Inez K Castleton
1922-23 Charles E Peasley 1959-60 Richard F Staples
1923-24 John E Somerville 1960-61 Arthur D G Yates
1924-25 William W Scott 1961-62 John A McDonald
1925-26 Frederick Parker 1962-63 Hugh C McCall
1926-27 Alfred Waite 1963-64 Thomas F Rieger
1927-28 Harry C Sweet 1964-65 L Jean Scott
1928-29 Harry D Ainlay 1965-66 Malcolm W McDonnell
1929-30 Arthur J H Powell 1966-67 Frank W Hoskyn
1930-31 Roland D Webb 1967-68 Bernie T Keeler
1931-32 Cedric O Hicks 1968-69 Arthur M Arbeau
1932-33 Milton W Brock 1969-71 Ivan P Stonehocker
1933-34 George A Clayton 1971-72 Walter L Hughes
1934-35 Edward J Thorlakson 1972-74 Murray Jampolsky
1935-36 Gordon G Harman 1974-76 Patricia M English
1936-37 Eric C Ansley 1976-77 Halvar C Jonson
1937-39 Milton E LaZerte 1977-82 K Mac Kryzanowski
1939-41 Raymond E Shaul 1982-84 Arthur V R Cowley
1941-43 James A Smith 1984-87 Nadene M Thomas
1943-45 Clarence Sansom 1987-90 Brendan D Dunphy
1945-47 Harold C Melsness 1990-93 Frances M Savage
1947-48 Herbert E Smith 1993-99 Bauni M Mackay
1948-49 Edgar T Wiggins 1999-03 Larry Booi
1949-51 Frederick J C Seymour 2003-09 Frank Bruseker
1951-53 Marian Gimby 2009-13 Carol D Henderson
1953-54 Lars Olson 2013-17 H Mark Ramsankar
1954-55 Frank J Edwards 2017-19          Greg A Jeffery