Representative assemblies

24 The Association shall be governed by a representative assembly to be arranged not less than once each year by the Provincial Executive Council at such time as it may determine.

25 The Annual Representative Assembly shall:
(a) determine general policy of the Association,
(b) receive reports of the Provincial Executive Council, its officers and committees, and deal with any questions arising therefrom, and
(c) deal with any matter brought before it by a local in the form prescribed by the Provincial Executive Council and received by the executive secretary on or before the fifteenth day of December preceding the Annual Representative Assembly.

26(1) Representative assemblies shall be composed of the members of the Provincial Executive Council and duly accredited ­local representatives.

(2) Such members, except the executive secretary, and representatives are the only persons entitled to vote at representative ­assemblies.

27(1) A local shall be entitled to representation at representative assemblies according to the formula, “local membership count divided by Association active membership count and multiplied by 425”, with the result rounded to the nearest whole number and with a minimum of two representatives.

(2) In determining the number of members for the purposes of this bylaw, each active member employed part-time shall be counted as one-half and each active member employed as a substitute shall be counted as one-quarter.

(3) For the purposes of this bylaw, the membership count shall be as of November 30 and this count shall apply for a 12-month period commencing the following February 1.

28 The president of the Association or the president’s designee shall preside at all representative assemblies.

29(1) Representative assemblies of the Association shall be conducted according to the Rules of Order and Procedure for the Association.

(2) Subject to subsection (3), the Provincial Executive Council shall determine the order paper of representative assemblies of the Association.

(3) The order paper referred to in subsection (2) may be amended by motion at the representative assembly to which it relates.

30 Resolutions involving the expenditure of money of the Association shall be referred to the Provincial Executive Council for recommendation or report before being presented to the Annual Representative Assembly.

31 At least 15 days prior to the opening date of the Annual Representative Assembly the executive secretary shall mail to each local secretary and each local representative a copy of the agenda of business of the meeting.