Bargaining agent

12(1) The Association shall be the bargaining agent for its active members pursuant to the provisions of the Labour Relations Code. Upon written request from a bargaining unit, the Association shall appoint a representative of the bargaining agent.

(2) The concluding of a collective agreement requires ratification by a vote of the members of the bargaining unit and ratification by the executive secretary or a person named by the executive secretary.

(3) The concluding by the Association of a pension agreement directly affecting all collective agreements requires ratification by a vote of the members of all bargaining units. Such an agreement is ratified if supported by a majority of those voting calculated on a provincewide basis.

(4) On the application of a group of associate members employed by one employer, other than the Association, or by members of one employers’ association, and on payment of any further per capita fee that the Provincial Executive Council may determine, the Association may act as the bargaining agent for the group of associate members pursuant to the Labour Relations Code.