Ballots and voting procedures

53 All active and associate members as at November 30 each year shall be entitled to vote in the following Provincial Executive Council election.

54 The executive secretary shall cause to be inserted in an issue of an Association publication which is distributed to all members a notice that ballots are to be mailed to all eligible voters, such notice to be published at least 30 days in advance of the mailing of ballots.

55 There shall be two returning officers who shall be appointed by the Provincial Executive Council.

56 The scrutineers committee shall consist of the returning officers and the candidates or their authorized agents.

57(1) No later than 28 days prior to the day fixed for the election the executive secretary shall mail the appropriate ballots to every member entitled to vote.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), if the Provincial Executive Council considers it to be in the best interests of the Association, it may authorize the executive secretary to mail the appropriate ballots to each school representative as a package for distribution to every member entitled to vote and the Provincial Executive Council shall establish a date for members to redeliver ballots to the school representatives for return in accordance with Bylaw 62.

(3) Separate ballots shall be used for the election of the president, the vice-presidents and district representatives.

(4) Ballot forms shall show the names only of candidates.

58 Any member who fails to receive any such ballot may, not less than 14 days prior to the day fixed for the election, apply to the executive secretary for the same. The executive secretary shall issue such ballot upon receipt of an affidavit attesting to non-receipt.

59 The returning officers shall develop a device or system, the key to which shall be unknown to any others, in an endeavour to guarantee that any returned ballot shall have been originally mailed or issued by the executive secretary, provided that there shall be no marking or other evidence on the ballot which may in any way impair the secrecy of the ballot.

60 The platforms of the candidates shall be published in an issue of an Association publication which is distributed to all members.

61(1) If one member is to be elected to an office or position, voters shall mark their ballots by placing an “X” opposite the name of the candidate of their choice.

(2) If two or more members are to be elected to an office or position, the voters shall mark their ballots by placing an “X” opposite the name of as many candidates as they may choose up to but not to exceed the total number of members to be elected to the office or position.

(3) A ballot containing more “X’s” than the number to be elected shall be invalid.

62(1) Ballots shall be returned by the members or by the school representatives pursuant to Bylaw 57(2), as the case may be, to the designated box number at Edmonton so as to be received not later than 9 am on the day fixed for the election.

(2) No ballots shall be accepted by the scrutineers committee from the post office until the morning of the day fixed for the election.

63 The scrutineers committee shall begin counting ballots by
10 am on the day fixed for the election.

64(1) The returning officers shall decide whether or not a ballot is valid.

(2) The returning officers shall accept as valid any ballot on which the intention of the voter is clear and evident.

(3) In the case of disagreement between the returning officers as to the validity of a ballot, the ballot paper shall be rejected.

65 The returning officers shall tender to the president a statement signed by them showing the number of votes cast for each candidate.

66 The candidate or candidates receiving the largest number of votes shall be declared elected.

67 In the case of a tie vote, the returning officers shall, in the presence of the candidates or their designated scrutineers, recount the votes cast for such candidates. If the recount reveals that one candidate received more votes than the other, the returning officers shall declare the candidate who received the most votes the winner. If the vote remains tied after the recount, one of the returning officers shall leave the room while the second returning officer writes the name of the tied candidates separately on blank sheets of paper of the same size, folds the papers so that the names are not visible, and places the two sheets into a box. The second returning officer shall then return to the room and shall blindly draw one of the sheets from the box. The returning officers shall declare as elected the candidate whose name is on the drawn sheet.

68 The results of the voting shall be announced by the president.

69 After the counting, all the ballots shall be placed by the scrutineers committee in a container which shall be sealed. They shall be retained for a period of not less than 30 days following the election, whereupon they shall be destroyed unless required by the Provincial Executive Council for a recount on appeal. At the conclusion of the recount on appeal they shall be destroyed.

70 Notwithstanding any other provisions in these bylaws with respect to ballots and voting procedures for Provincial Executive Council elections and by-elections, the Provincial Executive Council may determine that voting may be done by electronic means, in whole or in part, in accordance with procedures in an Administrative Guideline approved by the Provincial Executive Council.