Preferred Futures for the Alberta Teachers' Association

The ALBERTA TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION of 2030 is an authoritative voice shaping the educational landscape of Alberta. It has combined the best features of a unitary organization by achieving optimal conditions of practice for the profession. A motivated and engaged membership demonstrates its leadership in learning by participating actively in all levels of its professional organization. The ongoing evolution of learning is led and inspired by Alberta’s teachers working with parents, government and local communities. The commitment of teachers expresses itself collectively through the Association’s public leadership and individually through principled authoritative action. Global professional leadership occurs through national and international engagement with education partners and policy makers. The Association has responded and adapted to some profound developments in Alberta.

The ALBERTA OF 2030 finds itself in a new story. It is a narrative being written by Albertans, not by the forces acting on them. Alberta has moved beyond the scarred prosperity of its boom‑and-bust economy and its politics of division. The volatile decades of the initial shale and oil sands development have given way to steady progress in greening the province’s energy-driven economy. Although economic cycles have shortened and sharpened and climate change has affected key sectors such as agriculture and tourism, Albertans have adapted and innovated to ensure that their province is still an attractive place to live, work and raise a family. Most importantly, recognizing what the world needs from them, Albertans have turned to their new passion in meeting their fundamental design challenge for the future: sustained prosperity in a culture of learning and innovation.

In this renewed Alberta, characterized by its vibrant civil society and strong democracy, the Alberta Teachers’ Association has seen the following commitments come alive. The result is an enduring role for learning, supported by the cornerstone of Alberta’s public education system.

In a LEARNING ALBERTA, innovation and creativity are seen as central to the quality of living and economic prosperity. No longer driven by testing and ranking, schools are now seen as places where creative and inquiring minds capable of meeting the complex challenges and opportunities of 21st century Alberta are nurtured and developed. Students have access to lifelong and postsecondary learning.

The CENTRALITY OF RELATIONSHIPS energizes teachers, parents and communities to work together to ensure that community-based public schools are the centres of lifelong learning. Success means that learners of all ages, backgrounds and abilities have equitable access to high‑quality teachers, programs and resources through learning communities. They enhance learning opportunities for children, adults and families as partners in lifelong learning.

LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS are characterized by teachers and learners co-constructing skills and ideas and using them in real-world situations. Early learning and ongoing developmental support are seen as a key investment in the future. Young learners feel purposeful and engaged in their schools and communities. Schools nurture socially conscious global citizens engaged in the challenges and opportunities afforded by Alberta’s responsibilities to the world. Alberta’s teachers are widely respected and valued for their commitment, expertise and professionalism. They spend meaningful time with students, colleagues and parents.

The ASSOCIATION’S STRATEGIC PLAN conveys the Association’s clarity of commitment and unites its preferred future with meaningful action.